Rose Water is a magical beauty potion

Want to be as beautiful as a Rose? Read about 5 benefits of Rose Water and include it in your beauty regime.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 19, 2017
Rose Water is a magical beauty potion Rose Water is a magical beauty potion

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"--so was the delicate flower immortalised by William Shakespeare.

Rose water is a gift of this beautiful flower with its immense sweet fragrance. But this flower is not just nice and sweet, it has a huge number of beauty benefits. Rose water is obtained by distilling rose petals with steam.

Rose water has been used in beauty products, food products and drinks. It is a magic potion, indeed. Let us focus on its beauty benefits. Everybody aspires to enhance one's beauty and these uses of rose water can make you feel as beautiful as a rose.

Here are 5 benefits of rose water:

1. Rose water is one of the best cleansers: Using a natural cleanser is best for the skin. Rose water effectively removes dirt and dead cells, leaving a soothing effect.

2. It soothes the skin and treats irritations: Rose water has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It can heal skin eczema and other breakouts like acne.

3. Rose water has anti-aging properties: It is commonly used in beauty products to treat wrinkles. As rose water helps in moisturising the skin, it reduces the signs of wrinkles. It has strong antioxidants. Therefore, it strengthens skin cells and regenerates skin tissues. If applied directly on skin, the effect is visible within days.

4. It can heal cuts, burns and scars: The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of rose water cure different wounds. It can heal cuts and burns. The regular application of rose water can lighten the scars of different wounds.

5. It is also good for our scalp: All our hair problems arise due to an unhealthy scalp. The different properties of rose water help in soothing our scalp. It can be used to treat dandruff and other scalp infections. Spraying rose water on your strands of hair can moisturise and smoothen them.

There are endless applications of rose water. It is a sweet smelling liquid and is one of the main components of aromatherapy. The smell can enhance your mood and can provide relief to tired eyes. You can use it as a natural fragrance for the skin.

Rose water has several benefits and you are most welcome to use rose water as you like it! This will ensure a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

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