Weird beauty trends that will make you cringe!

Heard about LED eyelashes? There are many more bizarre makeup trends like Squiggle eyebrows!

Love Sutra Love Sutra Dec 05, 2017
Weird beauty trends that will make you cringe! Weird beauty trends that will make you cringe!

'Art for Art's Sake' is very a very popular slogan that emerged in the French literary circle in the 19th century and makeup Artists of 2017 have lived upon it. This statement is specifically for the weird beauty trends that will make you cringe.

Yes, makeup is meant to add on to ones beauty. Experiment and playing around is accepted, but what happens if things turn out to be bizarre and potentially dangerous for our body?

Recently, a Canadian model had tattooed her eyeballs purple! Then she felt immense pain and now she could lose her eye forever. This incident should act as a caution for all fashion-fanatics. Trying new accessories, props and makeup products is fine but one should be careful of their potential side effects.

Here are some weird beauty trends that will make you cringe:

1. Glitter undercuts: This beauty trend is about trimming hair artistically and then using glitter to highlight them. It is a type of hair tattoo, but a hidden one. It may apparently look safe but who knows how much damage the glitter will cause? One can be allergic, it may clog the pores and give rise to infections. Once done it cannot be easily altered as our hair need time to grow.

Weird beauty trends that will make you cringe! Weird beauty trends that will make you cringe!

2. Colour changing hair-dye: You can sport a rainbow look. If you find one single colour boring, you can try the colour changing hair-dye! That sounds so fanciful and will catch many people's attention. In this method the hair dye changes colour when heat is applied and then changes back when cooled. Have you wondered what special chemical is added and how safe is it for our hair? Hence, this is one of the weird beauty trends of the 21st century.

3. Food hair: This can be in every foodie's wish-list! But are you sure that you are ready to chop off your hair to resemble some food? It will be painted with bright colours and again it is a big alert for hair damage. All the time having 'food on your head' is not a good idea!

4. Mermaid hair: Mermaids are beautiful! But trying to copy them and shaving the hair to form scales sounds fishy! Moreover, lots of colour and glitter is used to beauty the scales which may not be safe for our skin and scalp.

5. Mermaid eyelash extension: It seems that makeup artists are obsessed with mermaid. The mermaid eyelash extension is another trend of using false lashes of bright colours. You may look like a person straight out from the sets of a fancy dress competition.

6. Magnetic fake eyelashes: This sounds interesting as it can save us from using glue. But the whole idea of wearing magnetic lashes is a bizarre idea.

Follow the video here:

7. LED eyelashes: Oh My God! Whoever invented this is a genius but don't you think a person will resemble a character from a sci-fi movie or series. A fine wire is extended from the false lashes and attached with our ears! See the expressionless models that look nothing but a robot. Beauty trends cannot be peculiar than this.

8. Pierced LED nails: Don't you think these trends are trying to deck you up like a Christmas tree. Everything is blingy and twinkling. But look at those nail gears. They look scary!

9. Geode nails: This is a nail art that require you to file down your nails to reveal a crystalline look. This looks creative but this kind of nail filing seems scary.

10. Succulent nails: In this nail art you wear tiny succulent plants on your nails. This actually looks creepy! We don't know how someone can perceive it as beautiful! Done attractively, these plants can give a feeling of insects crawling on your nails.

Weird beauty trends that will make you cringe! Weird beauty trends that will make you cringe!

11.Nail bling: This again is all about sporting bulky crystals as a nail ornament. Then the nails are pierced to fit in these nail jewelries. Only those who sport this trend know how it actually feels like!

12. Tiny nail critters: Well flora and fauna almost goes together, so if nails can sport plants then why not little creatures? They are fixed with acrylic polish which also prevents them from decomposing! If you are troubled with insects you can contact them! They can be of some help as they will need to increase their stock for this weird beauty trend.

13. Press-on Holo nails: Holographic nails are dazzling one and it is beautiful. But some of these press-on holo nails are so pointy that it almost resembles a weapon!

These were some of the weird beauty trends on this year. There are many more bizarre beauty trends like Squiggle eyebrow trend. These trends seem to be funny but the fun should not become a nightmare!

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