Reverse winged Cat eyeliner! This is quirky but interesting

Reverse winged cat eyeliner has become a rage. Learn how to get it right.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 15, 2017
Reverse winged Cat eyeliner! This is quirky but interesting Reverse winged Cat eyeliner! This is quirky but interesting

We have so many creative people around and social media has made it possible for them to reach out to a larger number of audiences. An 18-year-old Romanian make-up artist, Dahlia, had tried the reverse winged cat eyeliner and posted it on Twitter and Instagram and it has gone viral.

There are various reasons for which it is trending. Some are finding it interesting; some are getting confused and so on.

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There are Twitter users who are making a playful jibe about the trend. They mentioned about their daily struggle to get their basic eyeliner stroke correct let alone this new kind.

"I can't even perfect a normal wing so what makes y'all think I can even begin to try it backwards?" one of the users commented.

How to get Reverse winged Cat eyeliner right:

To get the perfect reverse winged cat eyeliner all you need to do is draw the eyeliner in the opposite direction towards the inner corner of your eye, rather than drawing it upwards at the outer corner of your eye.

If done perfectly, it can really define your eyes in an amazing manner. This eye makeup is gradually catching up. Even others are giving it a try.

This reverse winged cat eyeliner has actually puzzled many people including the leading beauty company Maybelline. But if you are a fan of winged eyeliners, it is a perfect chance for you to flaunt something new.

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The reverse winged cat eyeliner is confusing yet a novel way of drawing your eyeliner .

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