Nail Art Trends 2017: Watch and learn how to nail the perfect design

Attractive nails have always been able to attract eyeballs. These nail art trends of 2017 are giving all fashionistas sleepless nights.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 27, 2017
Nail Art Trends 2017: Watch and learn how to nail the perfect design Nail Art Trends 2017: Watch and learn how to nail the perfect design

Shake hands to greet or tuck a lock of hair behind the ears, your finger nails are always noticed. Keeping the nails clean and manicured is one of the pre-requisite. Then comes the grooming, polishing and painting them.

Nail Art is a very intricate way of decorating you nails. You have just the nail as your canvas and there is no limit to the creative bent of your mind. Use colours, stones, jewels or anything you like and keep decorating your fingers.

Both finger and toe nails can be decorated and it depends on your time and patience. Visiting nail art professionals can cost you a good fortune as these beauties are an outcome of hard labour.

It is best if you master the art yourself. At first when you look at some nail art designs, it may be intimidating. But there are tools and tricks to help you achieve the perfect finish.

It is obvious that a person who can draw well can paint some nice patterns, but as per the latest trends there are various curious patterns which can be etched using certain elements. There are several nail art tutorials available on the internet.

Here is a video showing the latest nail art trends. There are many fancy patterns shown in the video. It also demonstrates how to master these perfect designs. Modern metallic, black accents, colour blocking, graphic French and embellished cuticles are some trends to look out for.

Create a dramatic pattern on your nails and make them attractive. It can add a lot to any attire you are wearing. Nail Art is almost like accessorising.

Watch the video and learn some cool tricks and grab attentions during this festive season:

Courtesy: Youtube/Fashion Trend Seeker

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