Makeup tips for a head-turning first date

What kind of makeup should you wear on your first date? If you want to shine in the best way possible, follow these instructions.

Love Sutra Love Sutra May 29, 2017
Makeup tips for a head-turning first date Makeup tips for a head-turning first date

So, you've finally been asked out on a date. If this is your first date ever and you've got the boy of your dreams, you surely don't want to leave the outcome of the first impression on only him, do you? You can achieve it effortlessly by following the makeup tips below.

First of all, if you want to impress him, you need to know how they think. Of course, every man likes that his date or girlfriend should look nice so that he can feel good about himself and even show her off to his friends. However, there is a thin line between looking good and looking excessively made up. It is completely understandable that you want to look your best even if it takes hours, but some things are just "too much" and one should definitely get rid of those habits.

So, as mentioned above, you need to know what men think. It is difficult to take a peek into their heads, but one thing is for sure -- guys do not like a lot of makeup on girls! If you think that this fact is not accurate, feel free to ask one of them. They will let you know the same thing. Guys do not like girls who they cannot hug without smearing their clean shirt with foundation or powder. They do not like to feel lipstick or lip gloss on their own lips, and as much as they like to show you off to their friends, they do not want one of them to fall in love with you!
So, what kind of makeup should you wear on your first date? If you want to shine in the best way possible, follow these instructions:

1. Blush

Just apply a little blush so that your face does not look pale
Blushes contain a lot of colours and pigments and therefore, applying too much is not recommended as the daylight will make the colours stand out even more
 A lot of girls leave the house with way too much blush on their cheeks without realising it! Put on makeup in a room that has the most daylight or buy a bulb that has a "cool white" because it imitates daylight and with it, you cannot go wrong in the "dosage" of colours in your makeup


2. Eyes

It would be nice to highlight your eyes and it's enough to apply just a little eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, kajal and mascara. Applying a lot would be too much
Eye shadow only looks good on you if you know how to properly apply it to emphasise your eyes
If your eyelashes are shapeless, you can use an eyelash curler or better yet, if you have the chance to apply false eyelashes or eyelash extension it will give your eyes a much fuller look

3. Complexion

Always choose the right colour foundation to go with your complexion. You don't want to look darker or fairer than your original skin tone and sometimes, the difference is very noticeable which may not be good for your first date
If you have a nice tan, you should not try to hide it with a heavy foundation
You should use powder foundation if your skin is oily or just a creamy powder if it is dry
Concealer is also recommending to all who have dark circles or pimples
If your skin is oily only in certain parts of the face, apply foundation only on those parts, but be sure that the colour of the foundation is the same as your skin tone


4. Lips

As mentioned above, guys would not like lipstick or lip gloss on your lips when they kiss you. You can be sure that some girls have found themselves in a situation where the guy said "remove that from your lips..." and "why do you have to wear so much makeup" etc
A little lip gloss, either transparent or in a light colour is enough or just a little tinted lip balm if you have to have something on your lips

Going on dates must be so exciting, and for most girls, there might be a situation whether they are pondering on whether to wear bold red lips or just be pout pretty with nude shades lips. Keeping in mind these above points, you're sure to make your first impression last very long indeed with our prettily bold self!

In most cases and dates - it's the first impression that's the best impression, and emphasis lays on mostly your outfit, but equally important is wearing the right kind of makeup that won't make you look like a disco ball or completely pale.



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