14 best makeup tips for beautiful eyes

Eyes convey a lot when you speak to someone.Here are some simple tips for the perfect eye makeup.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 01, 2016
14 best makeup tips for beautiful eyes 14 best makeup tips for beautiful eyes

Eye makeup has a great effect on your overall looks. One can predict your happiness, sadness, excitement and energy level just by looking into your eyes.  This signifies the importance of eye makeup in your life.  Eye makeup should be done with due diligence and care as your eyes convey a lot when you speak to someone or look at your photos.

In order to create a smoky eye effect, many women have a habit to overdo their eye makeup, and end up looking even more unattractive. While applying eye makeup, make sure that you are paying full attention to your eyes.

1.   Some women think that applying more and more of eye makeup will make them look even more beautiful and attractive. But this is not true. Yes, they may get the attraction but it would be because of their awkward look. Use a dark colour to create a layered and shadow effect and three dimensional looks. Be confident and creative while applying the eye makeup.

2.   Both the colour of your eyes and your skin tone will determine the colour of the eye shadow that will be best suited to you. Blue eyes favour the bluish tones, brown eyed women look best with shades of brown tones, while green eyed women should apply green undertones. Similarly, women with fair skin tones will look best with the shades of silver, blue and pink. If you have dark skin, best eye makeup colours for you would be green, brown and bronze.

3.   Colour of your eye shadow need not match your dress or handbag. The girls emphasising on matching looks of eye colour with their attire may rather look silly. For example, if you are wearing a white and black outfit, then you would not want to do eye makeup with black colour. Moreover, in order to attain a great effect and three dimensional appearance for your eye shadow, it is important to select three colours that complement each other and make use of three different shades of dark, medium and light colours. For example, a woman having fair skin should opt for silver for light shade, light blue for medium shade and dark blue for dark shade.

4.   Coming to the colour of the eyelid. Use medium colour for your eyelids. Use this medium colour very sparingly so that the colour of the eyelid does not appear dark. Medium colour on your eyelid enhances your beauty and it will look natural when you blink.

5.   Apply eye shadow: Note that a light shadow colour will make your eyes stand out and a dark shadow colour will make them recede. Eye shadow usually comes in three different forms of creams, powders and liquids. Powders are easiest to use and are most popular choice. Gloss and creams could give a nice effect but tend to smudge easily.

6.   Apply eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner can be very messy to apply on your eyes but provides great effect to the eyes. A great tip for a thinning or small lashes is to moist (damp)  an eye liner brush with small quantity of powder and apply it as close to your lashes as possible.

7.   Apply Mascara: Mascara is another great method for thin or short lashes that help to create the effect of longer and fuller lashes. Mascara has fibers and silicones that settle on the tip of your lashes and help in augmenting the appearance of your lashes. Avoid using waterproof mascara as it can damage the tissue around your eyes.

8.   Apply Eyelash Curler: In order to curl your lash, use eyelash curler to give lift to the eyes. With the help of curler, give your lashes some good squeezes. Immediately after curling, seal it with a mascara gel. Then comb your eyebrows with the help of eyebrow brush.

9.   Blending: Last but not the least; don't forget to blend your eyes as it is the most important part of your eye makeup. Take a cotton swab and slowly blend the border lines of your eye shadow. Don't make circular motions while blending as it can cause smearing.

10.  Let the makeup you do above the eyes be your guide for makeup below the eyes. If you are in doubt, do the makeup above your eyes first and this will surely help you in determining what you want to do below your eyes.

11.  Dark circles under the eyes are a cause of concern for any woman. These are caused due to dehydration and not getting enough sleep. So drink a lot of water and take at least 6 to 9 hours of sleep. Some allergies may also cause dark circles. Concealer can cover all these circles and it works great.

12.  There come occasions when you would like to provide special touches to your eye. Shimmer is best for beautiful eye makeup.  You must use a small quantity of shimmer on your eyes brow bone to make them appear brighter. To further brighten your eyes, use a dot or two of your eye shadow or eyeliner on the inner corner of your eye. Use shimmer with precaution if you are around 30 or above as it can cause wrinkles around the eyes.

13.  Always maintain the balance while doing your eye makeup. If you wear a bright red lipstick, tone down your makeup. Just use mascara and skip any eye shadow while using red lipstick.

14.  Apply mascara, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, shimmer carefully to get the gorgeous looks. 

Follow the above tips to make your eyes look most attractive in parties and gatherings.

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