Face Makeup: Tips to get a flawless and shining face

Here are a few face makeup steps recommended by various reputed makeup artists in the industry. Check it out.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 01, 2016
Face Makeup: Tips to get a flawless and shining face Face Makeup: Tips to get a flawless and shining face

Our face is the central hub of our emotions and a significant part of our body that we should take special care of. Makeup plays a crucial role in getting us picture perfect and, needless to say, it tells how we feel about ourselves.
Wearing makeup well and flawlessly is an art. Different people follow their own set of rules and protocols when it comes to the application of face makeup and how they want to look. At times, we get stuck to our busy lifestyle schedule and just forget to stop and reflect on it.

Do you ever wonder if you were wearing makeup correctly? Many of us would answer this positively. That's why; we have come up with this step-by-step guide on how to apply makeup to your face.

Here, we are sharing a few face makeup steps recommended by various reputed makeup artists in the industry.

1. Preparing skin  
You should prepare your skin before applying any makeup on it. Begin with a repair serum to perfect your skin. Advanced Night Repair is one of the revolutionary repair formulas that you shouldn't live without. Take both repair serum and moisturiser and massage into your skin using gentle sweeping strokes. This makes your skin hydrated immediately and provides it a healthy look too.

2. Applying foundation
Next item that you need to apply is the foundation. Take foundation onto the back of your hand and dip the foundation brush into it and then apply it to your skin. Start applying foundation from the center of your face; this is the area in which most of the women experience unevenness and redness. Then spread it to the other areas, a little at a time. It will result into a beautiful and even glowing skin.

3. Conceal and correct
You can use a concealer but you should apply it only where needed, like on under-eye circles and blemishes. Apply the concealer with a pointed concealer brush in little stripes. A brush helps the concealer to blend well into the skin. Then spread it using your ring finger for the lightest touch, and remember not to tug on your delicate under-eye areas. Make sure to blend out the edges until you can't see where the foundation and the concealer meet.

4. Apply powder
The next step is to quickly set the make up in place and remove any unwanted shine. Apply powder with a brush over the skin to keep the amount of powder minimum. You should not apply powder on the whole face, but just on your forehead, nose and chin. You can also use a little amount of powder over your eye lids; this will smoothen the way for the eye shadow later.  

5. Apply shimmery eye base
Eye makeup will help shine your entire face. Apply a wash of sheer, shimmery cream shadow from lash lines to brow bones; this will make your eyes pro-looking and bright. Use your pointer finger while applying shimmery cream. For fair skin, you can try silvery white shade and for medium to dark skin tones, go for champagne colour. If you want to get extra bright eyed effect, apply colour on the inner corners of your eyes. If you have oily eye lids, use a primer all over your eye lids before applying any colour. This will make the eye shadow last long.

6. Add some definition
To get a more intense look, line your upper lash lines with a brown liner pencil and then smudge it upward with the help of your shadow brush. Then set it by applying powder onto it. Finish off your eye makeup applying mascara on both - the top and bottom, mainly focusing on the outer lashes with the top of the mascara wand. If you do not have full and thick brows, fill in the gaps lightly with a pencil and then brush the hair up with a mascara wand.

To enhance your eye makeup, use an eyelash curler. You should curl your eyelashes before applying mascara. Curl your eyelashes close to the roots as far as possible and gently pulse the curler forward bit-by-bit to the ends.

7. Get lush-looking lips
These face makeup tips are sure to give a boost to your entire look. This is to give your lips a lush-looking effect. If you have dry lips or if they are not at all chapped then gently pat them with a damp washcloth before applying lip balm.

Allow the lip balm to sink in well and if it feels slippery then blot it with a tissue. You can opt for strawberry colour lipstick to colour the lips. Make a kissy face and then apply lipstick at the center of your mouth, where colour tends to fade away first. Makeup artists suggest blending the lipstick out over your lips, patting the colour on with your fingertip. This makes the colour lasting longer. To ramp up things for the night, just add a layer of lip gloss for an extra shine.

To make your lip colour stay for long and to prevent your lips from bleeding, run a piece of ice over your lips before applying the lip gloss.


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