Bigg Boss contestant, Nitibha Kaul demonstrates makeup tutorial for Diwali

Bigg Boss fan, are you? No! Okay not a problem, But you must be eager to learn a makeup tutorial for Diwali. Watch Nitibha Kaul!

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Bigg Boss contestant, Nitibha Kaul demonstrates makeup tutorial for Diwali Bigg Boss contestant, Nitibha Kaul demonstrates makeup tutorial for Diwali

Rember Nitibha Kaul? She was a contestant in Bigg Boss season 10. She left her full time career in the field of marketing and advertisement for the reality show. She secured the position of the first runner-up in the show Dabur Miss Rose and was also a part of the Times Fresh Face Delhi.

She joined the show as a commoner and now has earned immense popularity owning to her beautiful face and vibrant personality.

She loves to dress up and do brilliant makeup. For the upcoming Diwali season kaul seems very excited. The Bigg Boss contestant has shared a lovely makeup tutorial on her Youtube channel.

Her video description read as: "DIWALI is almost here and it's my favourite festival! You know what I love the most about festive season? DRESSING UP!"

The young girl swears by her jhumkas and bindis combined with traditional dresses. Also, it is very important to do the right kind of makeup. Watch it here:

The makeup tutorial for Diwali consists of the following steps:

1.Doing a facial at home: Before starting with the makeup it is important to do a basic facial at home. It is very simple these days. You will just have to buy a facial kit from the market as per your skin requirement.

These kits usually contain a face cleanser to remove the oiliness. Then use a scrub which removes the dead cells. There is a gel which has to be massaged on the face. It is easily absorbed by the skin and reduces the redness. Next is the cream which moisturises the skin properly. Lastly you have to apply the face pack which gives your face the right amount of glow for that perfect Diwali look.

2.Use a facial spray: You can use any variant available over the counters. These sprays help in giving a dewy freshness to your skin. If you like natural things, you can use a concoction of rose water and plain water. Just spray it and allow your skin to soak the goodness.

3.Use a good sunscreen: It is very important to use a sunscreen before you proceed with your makeup.

4.Use a primer: Next is skin primer. The primer acts as the perfect base. It has to be blended well into the skin so that it leaves no patches. Once you blend it well, it acts amazingly on your skin by closing your pores.

5.Then use a colour corrector: Nitibha calls it a colour corrector as it is used to hide any sort of redness. Use a good quality sponge to blend it well.

6.Next is a concealer: You mainly apply concealer to hide any marks, blemishes or patches on your skin. Use a good brush to apply concealer and let it dry to get a natural look. Nitibha mentions that using a concealer which is slightly dark in colour actually helps to conceal better.

7.Move on to use eyebrow filler: After working on the base comes the part of highlighting. You must start with an eyebrow pencil to fill the brows and then again use the concealer alongside the brows to give it a neat finish.

8.Apply eye shadow primer: Yes, you heard that right! You may not work so hard for everyday makeup but it is Diwali time and a little indulgence is most welcome. There are gel like primers which when applied leaves a beautiful shimmery look and acts as the perfect base. To give a popped up effect apply a little concealer to the inner corner of the eyes.

9.Use a setting powder: Now what is the setting powder? Here she has used a translucent loose powder. It actually helps to set the primer and the concealer.

10.Use the desired eye shadow palette: Use one shade to highlight the brow bone. Paste a tape on the outer edges of the eyes to give a distinct border to your shadow. Use a dark shade to apply on the upper crease and blend the shade evenly. Then apply a shimmery bronze shade to give a perfect finish.

Use a shade under the eyes to give a complete look. In the end, highlight the inner corner of the eye with a shimmery powder.

11.Use eyeliner pen: Once you are done with the eye shadow, use a liner pen on the bottom line and inner eyelid. To add to the Diwali bling you can use a glitter liner on the upper lid. It is a tutorial by a Bigg Boss contestant and so expect the makeup to be a little dramatic.

12.Mascara: Finish your eye make up with good mascara.

13.Use a foundation: After you are done with all the above steps, use an illuminating foundation. Spray some facial mist and blend with a sponge.

14.Face correction: If your nose or anything goes ahead with the use of various tones of powder and concealers. For this refer the video.

15.Blush Palette: Use the right shade of blush and blend it well to give a beautiful highlight.

16.It is time for your lips: Start with a lip balm, then use a lip liner pencil to draw the perfect shape. Then apply the lip colour of your choice.

17. Extra touch: It is Diwali time, so how can you forget a bindi? Use it according to the shape of your face. Once you are done with the makeup, move on to the accessories and dress.

This was the step by step guide for the perfect makeup. It is demonstrated by none other than the former contestant of Bigg Boss house, Nitibha Kaul. Stay with us to get more makeup solutions and tips.

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