Latest eye makeup styles and tips for you

One should always wear best eye makeup to leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 01, 2016
Latest eye makeup styles and tips for you Latest eye makeup styles and tips for you

Eyes are the windows to your soul. Your eyes express your mood and emotions. Every woman wants a perfect eye makeup that can make her eyes look really fantastic. There are some really cool eye makeup styles that you can try to look gorgeous and become centre of attraction wherever you go.   

Do you have a small eyes? Wearing the right eye makeup in right way would make your eyes look nice. One should always wear best eye makeup to leave a lasting impression on everyone. Eye makeup can also be used to give mysterious look to your face. Proper application of eye makeup would impress your peers and also make you feel and look elegant. Thousands of eye makeup products are available there including mascara, curlers, eye liner, eye shadow and eyebrow pencils etc. that you can use to provide prefect look to your eyes.

Makeup tips for eye:
  • Apply eyeshadow: Some women make mistake while applying eyeshadow, they use different colours of eyeshadow in a palette, all at once. Using two or three colours at once can make you look silly. It's important that you use natural and neutral colours while doing makeup. Match eyeshadow colours with each other
    Usually eye shadow comes in a hard and compressed powder form. Use an eye shadow brush to apply it. Cream eye shadows and eye shadow pencils can be used for this purpose
  • Apply eye liner: There are many kinds of eye liners available in the markets, ranging from liquid eye liner to gel based ones. The most popular choice among ladies for dramatic eye makeup is liquid eyeliner. Use of this liner personally requires practice. Eye liner pencils are also in trend these days
  • Apply mascara: Mascara is the most popular eye makeup item. It makes a huge difference to your looks as it provides focus to your eyes and stretches the length of your eyelashes. Remove excess mascara from the brush while applying it. Apply it in a zig-zag fashion so that your eye lashes don't stick to each other. Waterproof mascara is also in trend nowadays. It is perfect to use on a wedding event.
  • Using eyelash curler: An eyelash curler makes your lashes look longer and give a beautiful shape to them. After using curler, you must apply mascara to set it in position. Shaping your eyebrows is important for your eye makeup. An eyebrow brush can be used to comb eyebrows and you must check which hair are required to remove
  • Applying Concealer:  Dark circles are a cause of concern for any woman. These are caused by dehydration and due to not getting enough sleep of 6 to 8 hours. You must drink lot of water and also sleep for at least 8 hours to get rid of dark circles. You can use a concealer to cover your dark circles. The concealer must be 2 shades lighter than your normal skin tone
    • If you are looking for a natural eye makeup then choose neutral shades. Rose, gold and brown combination of an eye makeup would help you get natural look.

 Here are some steps to natural eye makeup that will provide your eyes a soft and romantic look.

  1. Use a matte pink colour from your eye lids to the eye brow bone with eye base brush.
  2. Apply rose gold shimmer from eyelid to the crease of your eye.
  3. Apply a small amount of matte brown with a contour brush to the crease of the eyelid, starting from the inner eye. Move it outwards to the outer crease of eyelid and blend.
  4. Blend the colours well if you apply more than two colours. Use your fingertips or a fluffy blending brush to mix colours. With this you will achieve a more natural look.
  5. Use an eye liner brush to line the entire length of the bottom lash line forming a V shape. Add a highlighting effect with the rose gold shimmer to brighten your eyes.
  6. Use an eyelash curler to grip upper eyelashes and hold the clamp for 5 seconds. Always curl your lashes before applying
  7. Finish your makeup with two coats of mascara.

There are different kinds of eye makeup styles that you can try. Below tips will help enhance your looks:

  • Natural eye makeup: For natural eye makeup, you can go for neutral colours. Light brown palette and light eyeliner are the best
  • Shimmery eye: To get shimmery look, go for soft shimmer shades that will illuminate your lids. You can choose metallic colours like a light bronze shade
  • Cat eyes: This eye makeup style will give you gorgeous looks. For this, use liquid eye liner or gel and you can do it in your own style
  • Gradient eye shadow: Add colourful tint to your eyes with light eye shadow, from your inner eye to the darker ones at the outer edge of your eyes
  • Heavy eyeliner: Give an extra dramatic look to your eyes by lining the top and bottom of the eyes with dark black coloured eye liner
  • Cut crease eye shadow: This is one of the latest eye makeup styles and is defined by using dark, pigmented shadow
  • Smokey eyes: Smokey eyes are one of the favourite styles among ladies. In this, you should choose darker shades of eye shadow. Smoke it with eyeliner pencil
  • Graphic eye liner: Experiment with shape and colour of your eyes. Let your imagination go wild. Play with variations in colours for gradient looks
  • Sharp-edged eye shadow: Create sharp edged look using a card or paper and angel it diagonally. Draw a sharp edge with liner and fill the rest of area with eye shadow
  • Double winged eyeliner: To achieve an edgy look, try double winged eyeliner style. Simply line your eyes from top and bottom and wing out on both the sides. Make sure wings are parallel to each other
  • Rainbow look: Try bright colours to get rainbow look.  Use latest eye makeup colours like violet, pink, yellow, blue, green and orange, one-by-one. Use a clean brush or clean finger to mix the colours together. Choose bright lipstick with this eye makeup look.

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