2019 Beauty trends, new makeup mantra for the upcoming year!

Believe it or not, 2019 is going to be jam-packed year with even more glitz and glamour. Are you ready to handle it?

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2019 Beauty trends, new makeup mantra for the upcoming year! 2019 Beauty trends, new makeup mantra for the upcoming year!

Beauty trends keep changing in everyseason! From the hot , disgusting summers to the cold chilly winter, our fashion statements keep changing. Whether it is our hair colours, dress style or makeup, we find a huge difference in ourselves by the end of every year.

Believe it or not, 2019 is going to be jam-packed with more glitz and glamour. Can you handle it? There are plenty of looks from the top beauty trends which are predicted to be huge in the upcoming year.

Scroll down to know more about unexpected beauty trends. Stafford Braganza, National Make-up Artist at NYX Professional Makeup, Elton J. Fernandez, Official Make-up Artist at Maybelline New York, and Iman Allana, Founder of Bollyglow, shared that monochromatic makeup look and shimmering gloss for both lips and eyes will be the trend to look out for in the year to come.

Other than that there is a list of trends that you'll be seeing over the next twelve months. Have a look:

nude lipstickNudes continue to stride their way to the topShimmering gloss for lips and eyes: In 2019, a shimmering gloss is making a comeback for both lips and eyes. The year 2018 was all about matte lipstick but 2019 is the time for the gloss to shine again. Gloss glistens back to the beauty landscape with lots of silky slip and sheen in a non-sticky texture.

Nude lipsticks: Other than the emerging glosses and glitter eyes, nudes continue to stride their way to the top.

A living coral: In the beauty game of 2019 living coral will be a major trend, adding a pop of this shade to the vanity is all you need to keep abreast the beauty trends and ace the beauty game in 2019.

Minimalism of makeup: The minimalism of makeup will be the mantra for an elegant look in 2019. Soft cheek highlights and plush neutral shades for the lips, and soft browns for the eyes. It will be all about monochromatic makeup look. This beauty trend with coordinated face, lip and eye makeup look will be a game changer.

Summery shades for the eyes: This year the game of eyes is going to be on the top. Tones of striking bronze, peach and rose-gold are sure to pave their way to the top.

Golden SMOKEY eyes in 2019!

nude lipstickIt is the latest lit trend to look forward in 2019The trend of black smokey eyes is still in the trend but now new gold eyeshadow is there. You can keep your eyes well-defined with a stroke of a gel liner and you're ready to take on the night. Another trend to look out for will be rainbow eyes. Brighten up your entire look with strokes of the most vivid and bold colour palettes.

Two-toned foiled lips: Two-toned foiled lips is going to be attention-grabbing. It is the latest lit trend to look forward in 2019. Do you know what is two-toned foiled lips? It is a base colour paired with a metallic to give a dramatic effect.

Do you know how to apply it? Apply the base colour with your finger on the upper and lower lips. Apply the prismatic powder on the centre of the lips, pressing it down gently. Use a wet brush to apply the powder for an intensified metallic look.

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