Why True Love is Eternal

True love helps to conquer all negativity-ego, hatred, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy etc are all there to distract us from our path of truth and love.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Nov 29, 2018
Why True Love is Eternal Why True Love is Eternal

When the good appears better, when beauty looks more exquisite, when the mistakes are pardoned- it's love. When you give without expecting anything in return, when the tears roll down your cheeks whilst sharing joy or sorrows with others, who can be anyone, from your partner, parents, siblings, children to even nature and God, the Creator of everything - it's love.

1. Love beautifies the soul
The heavenly love when touches the heart deeply, purifies the soul, as the feeling of love, that is purer than the purest, beautifies the spirit. As they say, "Love is the beauty of the soul." Love is the greatest feeling in the world and beyond. This feeling is so beautiful that it leaves no space for hatred-probably for this reason it has been named as the sweetest joy.

2. Love enhances relationship with self
The beautiful relationship with your inner self is purely based on love. it wants you to be happy that is why it keeps guiding you always. It always shows you the right path. The clouds on our mind and darkness in the heart do not let us see the path clearly. That inner being is the spark of the Divine which is always right, which is always loving.

That inner voice can come to your help anytime, anywhere. You just have to have faith in it. Love brings you both closer-the outer as well as the inner self.

3. Love is everywhere
Love is there is all beings and all things. It is in everyone and everything. Even the Supreme Power- God-through its creation tells us that love is everywhere. The sky protects us from right up there, we get the warmth of the Sun, the air let us breathe, the rainfall makes us happy, everyone loves the chirping of the birds, the fragrance of the flowers, the protection of trees, deepness of the oceans, determination of the mountains, beauty of the smiles, sound of the laughter, everything creates a magical and living atmosphere.

All is the proof of deep love of the Creator for its Creation, and His love cannot be expressed in just a few words.

4. Love makes everything loving
Love is a blessing that the Creator of the Universe showers upon everyone and everything to clean the hearts and the souls. It takes you to the world of adoration, affection, compassion, selflessness, friendliness, to build a beautiful relationship with the inner self. Love makes everything so loving that nothing appears bad or ugly.

5. Love conquers all
Yes, true love helps to conquer all negativity-ego, hatred, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy etc are all there to distract us from our path of truth and love. We should not listen to them or let them ruin us. Let love flow from all directions. From your thinking to your actions, let love show it its true nature to everyone who comes in contact with you.

Love will show them how powerful it is through your eyes, your heart, and your smile. As they say, "Love conquers all." Love never ends, for love is eternal.

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