Tips to Re-Ignite the Romance in a Relationship

Rekindle your love and keep the relationship alive.

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Tips to Re-Ignite the Romance in a Relationship Tips to Re-Ignite the Romance in a Relationship

Are you in a long-term relationship or married for years? You might not remember any interesting or passionate moment shared recently. There are instances when couples become so familiar with each other that the relationship almost becomes a daily routine. The spark keeps flickering and this is the time to realise that the relationship is in real danger.

A relationship will only survive when the couple puts effort to re-ignite the romance. Both the partners should be emotionally contented to make a relationship successful.

Here are tips to re-ignite the romance in a relationship:

1.Give compliments to each other: To begin with, you must compliment your partner often. Tell him/her that you still find them attractive and desirable. It is not enough to only mutter the praises in bed. In general, one has to assure the other that nothing has changed and that the attraction is still alive. It is not very difficult to appreciate your partner when they sport a new hairstyle or wear a new dress.

2.Be unpredictable: It is very important to keep doing something unpredictable as the main culprit of a failing relationship is monotony. Being mysterious and doing something that is not expected of you can make things interesting. For example, you have a maid cooking meals every day. To surprise your partner make one of his favourite dishes all by yourself and make your relationship interesting.

3. Hug each other:A married couple or a couple in a long-term relationship often face the problem of intimacy. Gradually, their physical contact diminishes or becomes devoid of love. One becomes so engrossed in their daily life that hugs and holding hands become rare. So, go ahead and spend some time together. Take a stroll on the lawn or terrace, talk to each other and work on your intimacy.

Tips to Re-Ignite the Romance in a Relationship Tips to Re-Ignite the Romance in a Relationship

4.Indulge in romantic activities: Take out time for some candlelight dinners, soft music and some great time in each other's company. It is not necessary to go out and book tables at restaurants, these things can be easily done at home. Such romantic plans should be made often. The partners can watch their favourite movie together with some good wine or champagne. This will remind you of your other dates from the bygone days.

5.Write a love letter or small note: This may seem to be an outdated piece of advice but handwritten notes are still in vogue when it comes to putting your romantic foot forward. Emails and recorded messages are convenient but small notes reveal the effort that you made to write the message you wanted to share. This lovely gesture will definitely re-ignite the romance once again.

6.Kiss and tell: When words fail, go ahead and kiss. We are not telling you to cut short your conversations and grab your partner every time. What we suggest is that if you feel that there is a lack of conversation and both are unable to express the feelings then kissing can be a solution. It is a lovely gesture to kiss your partner everyday and deep romantic kissing is the base of all successful romantic relationships.

7.Give time to yourself: It is important to indulge in me-time. If you are not able to give time to yourself, you will never be able to make your significant other feel happy. Reconnect with yourself first and then try to be more expressive. This will help you get a clear picture of each other's desires. It is also important to look after one's own health and appearances. It will make both of you happy.

8.Smile frequently: Our daily work schedule and other responsibilities makes us very tired, so tired that we forget to smile as well. But it is not a good idea to carry the work-related frustrations at home. One should try to forget the rough day at work and enter the house with a smile on one's face. Greeting each other with a smile will automatically cheer you up and help you relax.

Tips to Re-Ignite the Romance in a Relationship Tips to Re-Ignite the Romance in a Relationship

Relationships are not rocket science that can only be mastered by few but something very smooth and sorted if a person puts genuine effort in making them work. Moreover, it is not a one-man show, it is a partnership that has to go on forever. So it requires equal and honest participation from both the sides.

Though it can go wayward with time, you follow these steps to re-ignite the romance and set your relationship on the right track. A little effort can solve the complications of relationships.

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