These 5 things about you never change -- even after marriage!

There are things that marriage might not ever be able to change about you. You must be wondering what they are. Read below to get your answer!

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These 5 things about you never change -- even after marriage! These 5 things about you never change -- even after marriage!

Marriage is a life-altering decision! Your life undergoes a complete change after you tie the knot. You are no longer all by yourself. Every decision you make whether it is good or not will have an impact on your spouse's life. After marriage, you not only share your life, but also a bed, a roof, and a family with your partner. You also leave behind the usual routine of your life and share every small moment with your spouse. Though all the changes you face are not bad, still, there are things that marriage might not ever be able to change about you. Are you surprised on hearing this? You must be thinking what they are. Read on to get your answers.

Your relationships:

your relationship with othersYour relationship with others is not going to changeThe relationship you share with your parents, family members and friends won't change. Even after marriage, you still will be your parents' daughter or son -- marriage won't change the relationship you have been sharing. After marriage, you will create many new relationships with your in-laws but it will not change the relationship dynamics you share with your significant other.

So, if your partner is a stubborn or obstinate person, he or she will remain the same even after marriage!

Personal traits:

personal traitsYOU, will remain the sameAnything that makes you, YOU, will remain the same. Your vital nature has nothing to do with your relationship. So, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, your personal likes and dislikes, ethics or morals -- all these traits are going to remain the same even after marriage.

You will still find those weird habits in you!

Your maturity level:

maturityMaturity comes with experienceMaturity comes with time and experience. So, you won't find yourself becoming wiser or more mature from day one of your marriage. You will still observe every situation in the same manner and your viewpoint towards things would change gradually with your experiences. You will still have the same feel of being clueless or confused like you had when you were single.

Your problems:

your problemsThe way you handle your problems is going to remain sameMarriage is not similar to those romantic movie scenes in which a hero says ''Aaj se tumhari har pareshani, har tafleef meri" (From today onwards your every trouble, every problem is mine). Still, you will continue to feel the same stressed at times, have the same concerns, have to go to the office, and deal with things that bothered you earlier as well.

It is just that you will have someone at home to share your problems with and if you are lucky, that person would be all ears.

Your goals:

Your goalsYour goals will be sameMarriage is not a magic wand that will change your life in one go. There are many people who consider marriage as a life-changing thing but it won't change how people perceive you. You still have your own life -- you need to live your life, chase your dreams, manage your finances, and deal with good and bad times.

Life is full of ups and downs, there is no 'happily-ever-after.' Even after getting hitched, life will continue throwing challenges at you. On the first few days, you may feel that you have a beautiful life like most people feel when they fall in love for the first time. Once the rosy phase fades, you might come to the realisation that you have to deal a regular life.

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