Online relationship advice for women and men

Here is some advice on women and men relationships that will help you maintain and flourish a relationship.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 05, 2016
Online relationship advice for women and men Online relationship advice for women and men

Relationships are tough. They need a lot of caring, focus and attention to sustain and thrive. Finding the right person for you is not easy; you need to be a lot careful. And when you do find the right person; you will still have to work to maintain a healthy relationship.

Here is some relationship advice for men and women that will help you maintain a flourishing love life.

Love your partner: If you are just starting your relationship then you need to first understand what you exactly want. Learn to love your partner as they are.

Don't expect your partner to be perfect:  Accept the fact that you can only change yourself, not your partner. This is an important tenet of a perfect relationship. You should accept the fact that your partner may not change and you have to be okay with that. You can support your partner to make positive changes in your life but you can never change them fundamentally. If you can't accept your partner for who they are then move out of the relationship to save yourself ignominy later on.

Don't try to control your partner:  Never use violence to control your partner. Shaming your partner is an emotional abuse. Do not try to control or change your partner. If you can't compromise then gracefully move out of such relationships.

Let your partner pursue his/her interests:  You need not share each and every hobby of your partner, but do listen to your partner carefully whenever they talk about their interests. Give them space to pursue their interests.

Express the emotions: If your partner is angry on something, don't criticize them. People express emotions in their own ways. Anger can be destructive at times and constructive too.  Constructive anger will help you get positive outcomes while a destructive emotion will worsen an already existing issue.

Listen to your partner: A good relationship requires long term efforts.  Learning starts from listening. So participate in active listening rather than just nodding your head and saying "Uh Uh." Listen when your partner talks.

Respect the opposing opinion: Always respect the opinion of your partner and allow them to express it in full, even if you do not agree. Take time to understand their views for a healthy relationship.

Get to the root of problems:  When you are unhappy with your partner, take time to understand the problem and fix it.

For example, if your wife says you spend too much time outside and don't want you to go out, don't just stop ever hanging out with friends but fix the problem. Ask her why she doesn't like you spending time outside?  Ponder if:

1. She thinks you don't like to spend time with her.
Solution: Spend quality time with her and make her realize that you enjoy her company.
2. She thinks that you are enjoying too much with your friends.
Solution: Give her a day out with her friends too.

You must develop trust, compassion, and acceptance for a healthy relationship. No two people are alike.  Best relationships are based on living, loving and sharing. You should always be ready to face any difficulties and problems in your relationship if they come up.  

Tips for keeping healthy relationship

  • Show affection

1. Love your partner:  Infatuation sparks a relationship. Actively express love and feeling for each other. Be concerned and care for your partner in bad times. Not expressing love to your partner may hurt the bond you share with them.

2. Be romantic: Romance is important in any relationship. Candlelight dinner, sunsets, watching stars, bubble baths, showers, romantic dinners and surprises are good ideas to inject a little romance in a relationship. Do unexpected things on occasions to surprise your partner.

3. Express your love:  Hold hands, become close, wrap arms, cuddle, kiss and hug around shoulders and waist of your partner. Share your feelings and be comfortable with each other emotionally as well as physically.
Look into the eyes of your partner. Hold their hand, hug them and show your feelings in public also.    

4. Settle your problems and disputes peacefully:  Apologize and forgive each other. If you threaten your partner to break relationship after every fight or argument, the problem can never be resolved.  Talk about all the good and bad things of your relationship. Talk to each other to resolve the pertinent issues.

  • Develop trust: You must have trust on each other. Share and clarify your perspectives. Trust your partner and spend quality time together. Keep the secrets of your partner private. Abusing them will have a bad impact on your healthy relationship. Support each other in good, bad, happy and sad times. Be emotionally attached to each other
  • Be honest to each other: A true relationship requires honest communication. Keeping secrets from the partner would have adverse effect. Don't cheat your partner. Speak frankly if something bothers you
  • Forgive your partner:  This is very important relationship advice to build the trust between you two. If you show forgiveness then your partner too is likely to forgive you.  This is best for good relationship
  • Admit your mistakes: If you realize that you did something wrong to your partner or hurt them, humble yourself and apologize sincerely without making any excuses.

Looking for an online relationship advice as you are dating online or having a long-term online relationship?  Here are some tips that will make your relationship work.

  • Try to talk everyday and if this is not possible then try to get in touch with emails and messages
  • Use apps like WhatsApp, Skype and other messengers to talk to your partner
  • Play music and video clips on chat to show off your love
  • Remember important dates and events, and wish your partner on all such occasions
  • Be romantic and send gifts online
  • Be involved in the issues concerning your partner
  • Try to make your conversations more interesting.

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