Pros and Cons of live-in relationship in India

Need relationship advice for various types of relationships? These live-in relationship advices will help you form a wise decision about your love life.

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Pros and Cons of live-in relationship in India Pros and Cons of live-in relationship in India

When it comes to be in a live-in-relationship before marriage, there are some sturdy opinions and views of people.

Many times, before you choose to live with that person for the whole life, a lot of questions boggle your mind and the family. Is it good or bad? Is it really a good idea to be in live-in relationship before getting married?

Live-in relationship in India:

It's shocking to know that live-in relationship in India is more prevalent among youngsters than you thought. These relationships have been in existence for decades, but the focus has moved to them only recently.

Well, there are many positives for such relationships and downsides too.

Let's consider these two cases to understand the key differences, benefits and disadvantages of these two types of relationships.  

Case 1:

A girl and boy are dating for over two years. They then decide to get married.  Finally they got married and had a wonderful honeymoon. They lived happily for sometime but soon they discovered that things are not going well between them as they started facing relationship problems.  They have complaints and arguments over small issues. This continues for three years and finally they divorced as they realised that they can't stay with each other.

Case 2:

Girl and boy are dating for over two years and they decided to get married. But before getting married they want to know each other in a better way and to make sure if their relationship is compatible or not. So they decided on to have a live-in relationship. Soon they realise that they have compatibility issues. And finally after two years, they separate.


Some people enter into live-in relationship because they believe that they are mad about each other while others do this because they want to understand and know their partner.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of all types of relationships. Same is true for living relationships too.

So, if you are planning to move in with your partner, then consider these pros and cons of live-in relationship:


1.    Living together before marriage has wider implications for a relationship. Living partners get enough time to know each other well and take a well informed decision about getting married or heading for break up without further expectations.

2.    Compatibility between the partners is of utmost importance as described in above two relationship cases. To check the compatibility emotionally and practically, couples should consider taking living relationship advice by experts to maintain a healthy relationship for lifetime.

3.    Marriage is a critical decision for both partners and needs full commitment for the success of any relationship. These days' people are crazy about their ambitions and career. A failed relationship always hurts. Breakups are easier in live-in relationships. And wouldn't you prefer to 'we broke up' rather than 'we are divorced'?

4.    Live-in relationships are more suited for fast paced life. Couples don't have to give up any rights nor need to accept any responsibilities. Hence, there will be no commitment issues as in marriage.

5.    If you are not satisfied with your partner, you can easily pack bags and move out without any legal implications. There would be heartbreak in live-in relationship but it is better than a divorce which has some social stigma attached to it.

6.    Both partners are truly equal in live-in relationship in terms of both security and freedom. Both of them know that doors are open to move out of the relationship. So they give space and respect to each other socially and financially. Relationship help can always be sought if needed in future. 

7.    Another benefit of live in relationship is that the couple need not adhere to the relationship advice of the elders of family or bow to the pressure of society. Unlike marriage, they need not follow the customs of the society. Relationship help can also be sought from professionals to resolve the tricky issues. 


1.    A live-in relationship leavesnothing to explore further about each other. Unrealistic expectations could cause ill-will and distance between the couple.

2.    Live-in relationship is not permanent; couple spends time together, enjoy and then move on.  While in marriages, they vow to stay together for life long.

3.    Physical intimacy can be real fun at times but if you don't stay or marry the same partner then getting physical may cause guilt or depressing, especially in a girl.

4.    There is no stability in these types of relationships as it is not permanent and couples can easily break-up. This can be heart breaking for any partner. Lack of commitment is the biggest disadvantage. Anything from a small fight or disagreement may lead to breakup. But if the couple is married they will make every possible effort to maintain their relationship and find out solutions to the problems or misunderstandings.

5.    Things change after marriage. Comparing current behavior with live- in days may cause tension and even lead to divorce.

6.    Women are often at the receiving end if live-in relationship fails. It becomes difficult for a woman to find a good and understanding partner after being in living relationship for long.

7.    Live in relationships lack the depth and stability of marriage. Trust often becomes questionable. And if a child is born from the live-in relationship, it is the most affected one. There will be legal issues related to custody and custodian if the couple moves out from the relationship. This will breed disrespect and hatred in the child for the partners when he/she grows up.

Human relationships are complex and marriage is a huge responsibility. Today, young generation enters into various types of relationships in order to satisfy their physical, mental, emotional and financial needs.  It has become a growing trend in youngsters in metro cities.

Above mentioned pros and cons will surely help one decide which relationship is better live-in relationship or marriage. 

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