Moving in with your partner? Here's what you should NOT do

Are you planning to move in with your partner? Here are a few tips to make your journey together a smooth-sailing one.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 22, 2016
Moving in with your partner? Here's what you should NOT do Moving in with your partner? Here's what you should NOT do

Remember when, in Sex and the City, Steve decides to shift into Miranda's apartment, and leaves the latter on the verge of a nervous breakdown? For most women, moving in with a man is nothing different from Miranda's initial reactions. Here is a list of tips to make your journey together a smooth-sailing one.

Cleanliness, cleanliness!

Most men are known to be messy, and most women, the opposite. However, if the two of you belong to one species, then good for you. But more often than not, such is not the case. So, if you are a woman with a cleanliness OCD, goes without saying that you would want to whip your man into obeying your orders. But no, there's a subtle line that you shouldn't cross while obsessing over cleanliness. You might want to clean the bathroom 17 times a day, but that is no reason to pick a fight with your guy if he doesn't adhere to the same routine. However, if he chooses not to flush the pot after using it...well, maybe you should flush the relationship down it.

Divide duties

Not every night will begin with the two of you tearing each other's clothes off. So, when you do need to make the bed, make sure that one of you does it before going to sleep, and the other takes over after you've woken up. The same holds true for kitchen work. We don't live in an 16th century, pre-Womanism era any longer, and women, too, need to go to work. If you're a man who's just moved in with your girlfriend, chances are that she'll not bother to make coffee for you in the morning. Well, help yourself to some... it's not like you have to re-paint the entire house singlehandedly.

Purple nailpolish; purple curtains; purple walls; purple crockery. Don't ask questions

If you're a guy, you might find the first few days of living with your girl a daunting task. Her obsession with one particular shade just doesn't seem to get over. Her nails are painted light purple, she drools over the light purple satin robes, she gets the entire house done up in light purple. The way to avoid trouble? Do not ask any questions. What a person loves is what they love. How would you like it if she suddenly began fighting with you every time you wanted that cinnamon-flavoured latte?

Don't fight over the remote. Or get two TV sets

When it comes to couples, the television set might be a contender for the world record of having watched the maximum number of fights. Yes, her serial coincides with the exact time that wrestling match of yours is to take place. Let her get the upper hand. But divide your TV watching times. Set some ground rules right in the beginning -- if she watches her serial during your match today, you get the TV tomorrow.

You're humans. Not rabbits. You don't need sex 24X7

The moment a couple moves in, there's this unspoken volley of expectations that creeps in. Suddenly, now that you share a bed, you want to have sex all the time. For the first few days, it might appear really 'special', and you will feel on cloud nine. However, once the initial high settles down, there will be times when you'd not want to have sex that frequently. No, that doesn't mean that your girlfriend/boyfriend is getting action elsewhere; it just means that you're human - and, like humans, end up getting tired doing other work as well.

Sleeping on the same bed every night is not a Commandment from the heavens

You live together, understood. But you need to sleep in the same bed; snuggle every single time he/she is in bed next to you? Not understood. There are times when your partner might need some breathing space; no pun intended! You don't need his/her hair on your face the moment you go to bed; you can try sleeping with your face the other way, too - and will still be with the same man/woman once the sun rises.

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