Top healthy tips for getting pregnant

Useful tips for getting pregnant. These tips to get pregnant will help you conceive early and maintain your health. Follow these getting pregnant tips to deliver a healthy baby.

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Top healthy tips for getting pregnant Top healthy tips for getting pregnant

If do not want to have a baby, you can do much more than just stopping the use of birth controls. There are several factors that affect fertility, but there are certain things that you can do to get a positive result. Once you have decided to have a baby, probably you are receiving lots of tips on getting pregnant from family, friends, mother-in-law, and colleagues. These tips tried and tested but they don't work for some people.

Here are some tips to get pregnant that can boost your chances of conceiving.

Basics to get Pregnant:

1. Stop using birth-control pills: You might not conceive right away if you were using any birth-control methods. A woman's body takes some time to conceive after discontinuing contraception.  If you relied upon barrier-methods like condoms, cervical caps or sponges, then you need not worry about the period of readjustment.

2. Figure out the time when you're fertile: There are few tricks to track your ovulation period. Your chances of becoming pregnant are higher if you do it at the right time.

I. Ovulation period: Count from the first day of your last menstruation cycle. Most women ovulate on the 14th day after their last menstruation period. If you have regular cycle of 28-days, chances are that you will ovulate on 14th day of the cycle. If you have a longer cycle, then ovulation period may begin at around 20th day.
II. Basal temperature: Measure your basal body temperature; it will rise by 1 degree when you are ovulating. Keep a thermometer by your bed and track your body temperature early morning when you wake up.
III. Keep track of cervical mucus:  It sounds disgusting, but it really works.  When your vaginal discharge is stretchy and clear like cells of an egg, you are most likely fertile and you can plan sex for three to five days from the day you noticed.
IV. Use an ovulation predictor kit: Like pregnancy test kit, you can buy an ovulation predictor kit to figure out your ovulation time.
V. Download apps: Download ovulation tracker and any other app to find the ovulation period.

3. Have Sex:  Once you know you are fertile, indulge yourself in sex to conceive quickly. Try these tips for getting pregnant fast:

I. Start having regular sex, once you know your ovulation time. An egg is viable for 24 hours but a sperm can survive up to a week in fallopian tube. Start trying to conceive a few days before ovulation to make sure that you don't miss the chances.
II. Have sex every other day to keep the sperm supply fresh.
III. Don't use any kind of lubricants or spermicides. Enjoy yourself. Orgasm after your partner ejaculates into you helps sperms to move fast in cervix.
IV. Don't make the sperm effort against gravity. Instead of getting up just after ejaculation, lie back on your back and relax for a few minutes. Lying flat after ejaculation for 15 minutes after sex can raise your chances of conceiving up to 50 per cent.

4. Keep a regular check on pregnancy test: Once the ovulation period has passed, the game of waiting begins. Wait until your next menstrual cycle. If you skip your periods, go for pregnancy test and see what happens. If you can't wait, then you can keep track on implantation symptoms. Some women experience an implantation bleeding that happens usually 6 to 12 days after conception. You may also experience light cramping.

Boosting Fertility:

Don't get discouraged too soon. Out of 100 couples, only 15 to 20 women will succeed if they are trying to conceive. You can't control all the factors of fertility but making some changes can increase the chances of conception.

1. Get a pre-natal checkup:  Schedule a prenatal checkup with your health care provider to find out whether you are in the best baby-making shape or you need to make some lifestyle changes. Check for the pregnancy disorders that may include:

I. Endometriosis
II. Diabetes
III. Thyroid
IV. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

2. Get healthy: Focus on your physical well-being if you are not conceiving right away. Making some changes in your lifestyle are one of the best tips to get pregnant. If you are obese, then you need to lose some weight. Consider some time spending on a healthy diet and exercise.  Women who are underweight may also get problems in conceiving and they might stop menstruating. They need to aim for a healthy weight.

3. Take prenatal vitamins: Build up necessary nutrients in your body for developing an embryo. Take Folic acid supplements, Calcium and Iron supplements to reduce any kind of defects during pregnancy.

4. Eat healthy foods to increase fertility:  There are certain foods that increase fertility. Eat an organic diet that includes grains, fruits, nuts and green vegetables to improve cellular health. Take right kinds of proteins to boost fertility including sea-foods, eggs, chicken and tofu.  Consume full fat dairy products as they improve fertility.

5. Healthy food: Encourage your partner to take foods good for sperms' health.  Men should take multi-vitamin diet that contains Vitamin E and C, fruits and vegetables. They should avoid excessive use of alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake.

6. Avoid smoking:  Cigarette smoking, alcohol and caffeine can slow down the conception process. Avoid these to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

7. Keep a healthy and positive mindset:  Once you have decided to become pregnant, keep as much positive attitude as you can. Stress can overwhelm your health. Start imagining a baby with your partner when your mind gets distracted until your mind comes back to desire to get pregnant.

When to see a specialist:

1. Set a time period:  You need to seek a specialist when:

I. You are healthy and under the age of 35 but can't conceive even after regular intercourse for 12 months.
II. See a specialist, if you have any history of miscarriages, endometriosis, prior cancer treatment and you are over 40.

2. Get yourself tested for infertility: Illness, stress, excessive exercising and some medications may lead to decreased chances of fertility. Get yourself checked for sexual infections and POS.

3. Go for fertility treatments: Set an appointment with a fertility specialist to discuss getting pregnant tips and your concerns.  You can ask for IVF or IUI methods to achieve pregnancy. Ask about other fertility methods for elevating fertility hormones and allowing natural conception with some drugs.

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