Is your boyfriend cheating on you? 5 common lies boys mostly use!

Here are some common lies boys tell when they are cheating on their girlfriends.

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Is your boyfriend cheating on you? 5 common lies boys mostly use! Is your boyfriend cheating on you? 5 common lies boys mostly use!

Meaning of the relationship is changing nowadays. People are becoming liberal about the relationship. It's becoming hard to find true love in today's world. In fact, people are caught cheating on their partners in a relationship.

So, whenever you catch your partner cheating on you, he has a barrage of excuses ready to defend himself. He may try to defend himself and make you feel guilty for doubting him. But, you don't have to feel so because you have all the right reasons to do so.

Here are 5 common lies mostly used by boys when they cheat:

1. She is interested in me, I am not!

blaming girlfriendTo get rid of situation he may say "she is the one who’s interested in me"This is the most common line boys come up with when you catch him paying her special attention. On being caught off guard, your boyfriend may shield himself saying, "She is the one who first texted me, she has made the first move. She really likes me and is interested in me. I don't want to hurt her. So, I am just being polite and trying to be a good friend of hers."

However, in such situation, you need to play very carefully. He might not actually be 'friend-zoning' and there could be a lot of brewing between them behind your back.

2. You were busy in your work so I went out with her!

He may blame you for being busyHe may blame you for being busyOften if your boyfriend prefers to go out and catch up with his new female friend whenever you are busy in the office. Then, you should question.

It 's not a matter of once or twice. If your boyfriend often prefers hanging out with her female friend than his regular friends. You must doubt him and question him about the matter.

And, if he makes an excuse on being questioned, saying I just wanted to spend some good time and you were busy. All my friends were too busy in working and she was the only one who was willing. Well, then it's a sure indication that he is interested in her.

Sometimes it is possible but not every time that you are busy somewhere and she is the only person available for him to hang out with.

3.You are over thinking, nothing is like that!

He may call you over possessive and conservativeHe may call you over possessive and conservativeMostly men blame women for over thinking and conservative! This is one of the most common excuses men usually use to shift the blame on their girlfriends.

Whenever, you put question about his whereabouts, he avoids answering you and start blaming you that you are being over possessive and this is blowing out of proportion. He may try to convince you that she is just a friend and nothing more than that. He may plead you to "Stop being so conservative, please!"

Be open-minded but that does not mean letting your partner stray around!

4.We just met for a cup of coffee nothing else!

He may give you an excuse He may give you an excuse that he just having a cup of coffeeMeeting someone will not matter until your intention is clear. The intentions you have and how honest you are with your partner matters a lot.

The next time your boyfriend (whom you suspect is cheating on you) gives you this 'coffee' excuse, you know what to answer. (Cannot understand)It is not only about hanging out with someone from the opposite sex. Instead it's about your intentions.

5. I am not sleeping with her, so just relax!

Cheating is not only about having physical relationshipCheating is not only about having physical relationshipSleeping with someone is not the only thing that qualifies as cheating. If your partner has the nerve to chat (or rather flirt) with the other girl all the time, meet her every second day for no reason and most importantly, lie to you, then also he is cheating on you.

So, when he tells you that he is not sleeping with her, tell him that infidelity is not merely limited to a physical relationship with a third person but it is more than that.

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