Romantic gifts ideas for him: 10 romantic gift ideas

Surprise your boyfriend or husband with these amazing and romantic gifts to keep the sweet essence of your love alive. Make him fall in love with you all over again!

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Romantic gifts ideas for him: 10 romantic gift ideas Romantic gifts ideas for him: 10 romantic gift ideas

Hello girls! What do you usually gift your man? There must be plenty of options to gift him but to win your man's love, gift him something special. It's not that easy to get unique romantic gifts for men.

Choosing romantic gifts ideas for him has always been a tricky task for all of us. Whether it's Valentine's Day, his birthday or any other special occasion, it is important to surprise your man with romantic gifts not only to make him feel loved and cherished but also to make him fall in love with you even more!

Here's a list of 10 romantic gift ideas for him that you can opt for:

1. Get him a mix CD:

Now this is one of the oldest ideas in the gift book and it's an eternal classic! Find out all those tracks that hold special meaning for your relationship. Perhaps it's teh song played in your first dance, or the music you love to play when hanging out together, or even a song that had been playing when you had your first fight! Songs are the best gateway to those fading memories that are so special. Give him a mix CD and watch the unfurling of old school romance.

2. Get a gift basket of favorites:

This can be a great idea to impress him. Instead of buying a single gift for him, why not go for a plenty of smaller gifts? Add some daily essentials to the gift basket. The basket can have his favorite essentials like shaving cream, hair gel, grooming tools, aftershave lotion, perfumes etc. You can also add some accessories like wallet, cardholder, belt, pen or something else like cufflinks. You can also choose some of his favourite things-- such as a CD from his favourite band, a book he was meaning to get, or his favourite candies which are hard to find.

Get as many gifts for him as you want and wrap them together creatively. You can either gift them altogether by placing them near his bed in the morning or surprise him step-by-step, like placing bathing and shaving essentials in bathroom, office accessories in wardrobe and so on. This will be a great and one of the best romantic gifts ideas for him.

3. Plan a trip or party with his buddies:

Plan a trip or outing with his best friends or arrange a party with his buddies that they have been planning for a long period. If they have been planning for an adventurous event like skydiving or racing event, get the tickets or passes. Let your guy have a wonderful time with his buddies alone without you. This will be one of the perfect romantic surprise gifts for him to show your unconditional love.

4. Give a personalized gift:

If you want to gift him something special, go for DIY gifts. You can either make them of your own easily or go to the personalized gift shop to design it. Presenting a personalized pillow, personalized mug or a love book is a great idea to gift to your boyfriend or husband. You can get it done easily by adding a personalized note with a snap of you both. See how much he will like this gift. Make a 'Love scrap book' with lots of pictures, notes and some personal stuff. This book will make him realize how much you love him and you can add many more things to this book to make it one of best romantic gifts for him.

5. Hand-painted T-shirt:

Paint a plain T-shirt for your man. Get a plain T-shirt in any colour and use your artsy skills to create some motive or paint a romantic message. Make sure it doesn't become too embarassing to wear in public though! If you are feeling more adventurous, you can show off your skills by looking up DIY techniques to go crazy with his prospective romantic gift.

6. A romantic getaway:

Plan a romantic getaway with him to a cottage or to a beach where you both can spend quality time together. Plan a surprise vacation for your man finding his available dates. Plan everything from the beginning to the last detail so that you both can enjoy without bothering about anything. Decide a romantic location and spend quality time together. Try to make it a unique and romantic experience of lifetime.

7. Gift him a life-size photograph:

Pick your man's best photograph and make a poster of it. When he is not there in the room or while he is sleeping, paste this poster on the main wall of the room. He will be simply speechless when he will come to the room. This is going to be one of the amazing romantic gifts for him. So go ahead and plan this beautiful surprise for him!

8. Bake a cake:

Simply bake a cake for your man and write three beautiful words "I Love You" on it. Baking his favorite cake and surprising him will be one of the best romantic gift ideas for him. You can also prepare his favorite food and then plan candle-light dinner on the dining table. Start with cake cutting, followed by his favorite music, dance and dinner.

9. Passes for an event:

This is one of the unique gifts that men would be overjoyed to receive from the women in their life. Get the tickets for his favorite sports event or some concert. Most women hate their man's addiction to sports and gifting him tickets for one will make him feel truly cherished. Join him and cheer for his favorite team.

10. Midnight long drive:

Pull him out of the bed and go for a long drive together. Stop your car on a beach and just walk holding each other's hands. Feel the romance in the air and keep it going. Your guy will definitely be amazed with your spontaneity. This romantic gift idea for him will surely add romance to your relationship.

For all the ladies who want to gift something unique and romantic to their men, you can choose from the above romantic gift ideas for him to show how much they are loved.

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