Best Friends: 8 signs that you're much more than that

Call it a friend crush, but if you're experiencing any of the following, you might be in love with your friend.

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Best Friends: 8 signs that you're much more than that Best Friends: 8 signs that you're much more than that

How do you know that your friendship has turned into something romantic? What are the signs that you're more than best friend? It is usually hard to tell. One minute you're simply sharing about your hobbies and the next minute you realise that you can share a lot more than just hobbies. But before, after and in between those two moments, there can be lots of signs that your friend has a crush on you. Or that you have a crush on them. Or that you are both super hung up on each other and it's only a matter of time that you both should understand and start dating.

It's a different bond and relationship than the one with your significant other. You're not planning your lives together, dealing with finances, or figuring out living arrangements. It's all about supporting each other while navigating these issues. Call it a friend crush, but if you're experiencing any of the following, you might be in love with your friend. The space between you two can be really confusing, because best friends already really love each other and can be touchy and amazing listeners and supportive. In other words, the sorts of traits that people in a romantic relationship usually exhibit.

No matter what the circumstances or the situation is, whether you're the one with the secret crush, you suspect that your friend likes you, or it's a mix of the two. Here are some relatable signs to tell if your friendship is becoming something more:-

You cannot stop texting them

Eating - you tell them, walking - you tell them. You just constantly text them. You've just finished typing a text to your one friend, when the next one pop into your head and you crack up picturing your friend's reaction. When something funny happens, you tell your significant first, and then have a reflex reaction to grab your phone and share it with your friend.

You dream about them all day

Crush alert! If you're sitting in your balcony having a nice cup of tea, or thinking about them during your class or at work, you have feelings for them. And when you're together, sparks fly. Your heart beats faster when you see them or even know you are going to see them, or hear from them. Basically, if you can't stop thinking about them, it means you've got it for them.

You're jealous all the time

When ever you feel jealous about your best friend, you're crushing. These can often strike hard especially when you find out your special friend is talking to some other girl/boy. Here's how the scene goes: You thought he or she was just your friend, and you loved talking with this person and hanging out with him or her, but then you find out he or she is in a relationship, and all of a sudden, you start feeling jealous. It's a sign!

Eye-contact is enough to understand

Sometimes it happens that you two end up in an awkward situation, and not able to say directly. Your eyes communicate for you then. The other half of you just understands with those rolling eyeballs. This can be a fine line, but often you can tell in the way that they look at you. They go out of their way for you more than necessary and there's a thoughtfulness that almost feels surprising.

Your day is incomplete without seeing them

Your significant other doesn't understand the constant need to call and text with your friend multiple times a day, but this is non-negotiable. They listen and remember things that you have said that even you have forgotten. After all, this is someone who is already loyal, who will support and love you through good and bad times. And vice versa. If you're dying to see your friend at all hours of the day. You will start making up excuses to go see that special friend, you start remembering tiny details of when you are together, and when you look at each other there is more of a deep soul connection that just a passing glance.

You feel Butterflies in your stomach

You got those butterflies! That feeling you get when you're around them is a dead giveaway. Not only do you feel all tingly every time you see them. There are other factors at play too. You want to spend as much time with them, of course. When you find yourself getting territorial, give some serious thought to your feelings for this person.

When they're around, it feels different

Though you haven't made an actual move and neither have they but if you're analysing the way you physically interact with your pal, something is afoot. Your physical habits change, even if not sexual, behaviour changes.

You talk about them, all the time

In addition to the fact that you daydream about them, you don't cringe at the thought of being intimate, and you prefer to be with them than to be alone when you're in a bad mood. The biggest sign you're sweating your friend is that you are a total motor mouth about them when they are not around. If you're constantly finding ways to work them into conversations with other friends, you have surely landed far from the friendship territory.

So falling for one's best friend is not a bad idea. What do you think?



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