9 things your boyfriend never wants to hear

Get ready to spend some quality time together, be sure you don't say these 9 things

Love Sutra Love Sutra Jun 12, 2018
9 things your boyfriend never wants to hear 9 things your boyfriend never wants to hear

Spending good times always means a lot…  having good conversation, going out for a romantic date is the best part of life. But sometimes our words spoil the whole thing.

Better whisper nothing in his ears will be a super romantic until you say the completely wrong thing and spoil the weekend mood. So while you get ready to spend some quality time together, be sure you don't say these 9 things that are sure to make things #awkward.

1. My ex did the exact same thing: 

Never compare him with your ex… No matter how flatteringly you mean it, comparing him to your ex is not going to go down well.

In fact, it'll just make him wonder if you are even over your ex yet?

2. Wasn't your ex a complete witch?

At the particular movement he might even agree but why bring her up at all. It's best to stay away from 'ex' conversations unless you have some serious issues.

3. Why do you love me?

 Most of the girls have a habit of asking the same thing for again and again. Remember that line from Pyaar Ka Punchnama where he says ‘pyaar ek ehsas hai.'

Yes seriously it's an indescribable feeling, he loves you and no he doesn't want to list out the reasons.

4. I hate your mom: 

Never make such statement, he clearly loves her and if you know it's going to upset him, best to stay away from it.

You could maybe express your discomfort with her in a better way than using the word ‘hate'.

5. Do you think she is pretty:

Well, this question ends up in a big fight.  This is the equivalent of ‘do you think I am fat' question.

Avoid asking a question that is going to get him in trouble, no matter what the answers.

6. Never mind: 

Most of the times things are not in our control, even if he knows you are upset, you know you are upset, might as well spill the beans then go on a passive-aggressive trail.

Your refusal to not let him know what bothers you is just going to make things more complicated.

7. Don't you want to say sorry?

 This is a bad statement no matter what the situation is. Don't put him in a spot or force him to react a certain way. Just let him know that you are hurt and leave the apology bit to him.

8. She asked me not to tell anyone, but...:

 You might be confiding in him, but if you are so willing to share a secret with him he might pin you down to being a gossiper. It's best to keep secrets that you aren't supposed to share with anyone to yourself.

9. Your brother/friend/cousin is so hot:
Don't say it. Just don't to your boyfriend.

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