5 small gestures: The secret of long lasting marriages!

Here is the secret of long-lasting marriage, read the article and know how small things can make big impacts in your relationship.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Feb 17, 2019
5 small gestures: The secret of long lasting marriages! 5 small gestures: The secret of long lasting marriages!

Every relationship is different in nature, so what works for one couple may not work for another. Have you ever thought what the secret of long-lasting marriages is? Other than the circumstances, as per the experts, the secret of long-lasting marriages is the small gestures! One of the best ways to ensure your relationship lasts forever is by making small things count. While people often try to do something huge for their partner, they forget to nurture their relationship with small gestures, which are definitely not going to become a burden on them.

In fact, several studies have also proved that showing small gestures is a key to long-lasting love. No one can deny the power of simple romantic gestures. You just need to express your love through small things and it will keep your relationship smooth. . Give time, ditch the monotony and indulge yourselves in renewing your bond with your partner. Say “I love you” through your actions, not words.

So, here are some ostensibly small things that you can do for your partner, it will leave a big impact on your relationship or will make your marriage long lasting.

Show love with small gestures:

There are many five minute hacks that you can do daily to make your spouse feel more loved. For instance, you can write a small love note for your partner, hold their hand and say some naughty things or you can hug them and kiss them You can even debrief your spouse about the whole day. If your partner is in stress, listen to your partner and express empathy without offering judgments or solutions.

1. Make a habit to connect daily:

connect dailyConnect daily with small gestures!Spend at least 15-20 minutes daily and have a stress-reducing conversation with your partner. If you are living in a joint family, examine the schedules of your family members and determine a reliable time that you can spend time alone with your partner. Consider eating one meal a day together, it will enhance your communication.

You can even make a habit to connect daily, such as a six-second kiss before leaving the house or when coming home, or making sure to text each other throughout the day with positive, loving messages to help you both feel connected.

2. Make a habit of using polite words:

repairing an argumentAlways repairing an argument!What would you like to do if you had a fight? Do you want to go to bed resentful, or would you prefer cuddling with your partner after repairing an argument? As per the studies, couples who apologize when they have hurt their partner’s feelings and ask for forgiveness have a more successful marriage.

An apology after an argument decreases tension and make you feel more connected to your partner.

3. Support each other:

support each otherSupport is the most important gesture!Supporting each other is a lifetime plan which includes helping each other in making any plan, to complete a task, achieving a goal or manage time. These are the positive actions, which lead to interdependence; while you coordinate, you create a sense of purpose and shared meaning in your marriage. Remember a daily act of kindness is more than celebrating big events.

It is the most important gesture of connection!

4. Express love through action:

pay attention to each other on a regular basispay attention to each other on a regular basis!Behaviour speaks much louder than words. A warm hug and kiss can simply be magical without saying a word. Make a habit to pay attention to each other on a regular basis and intentionally turn towards each other’s bids for connection. Even if you have children, try to go out for dinner at least once or twice a month and keep sending each other a loving text message during the day.

In order to make your marriage long lasting, you need to put effort into spending quality time together. Responding positively to each other will help you bring out the best in one another. Hence, the gift is going to be the best surprise for your partner.

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