5 signs of an unhappy relationship

If you are confused about your relationship, here are a few signs that show that you might be in an unhappy relationship.

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5 signs of an unhappy relationship 5 signs of an unhappy relationship

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is difficult--whenever you fall in love, your affections motivate you to do all possible things for your loved ones. Out of love, you cross your boundaries and perform unexpected romantic tasks. But things do not remain the same as no relationship is a bed of roses. You start feeling that you are stuck in a rut, and things are going wrong in your relationship. You feel it's complicated and you start questioning yourself-Am I happy?

However, if you are confused about your relationship, here are a few signs that show that you might be in an unhappy relationship.

1. Indecisive about commitment

commitmentDecide because it's your life!Commitment is important! If you've been dating each other for a long time and still you aren't engaged in a committed relationship, then it's unhealthy. You need to take an important step towards commitment and if you or your partner is not ready, you should probably avoid all discussions with your partner about long term goals and plans as you are wasting your precious life on the relationship.

People on earth will come up with a million ways to describe why they can't be committed. So, decide what you should do about it.

2. Unhealthy arguments

unhealthy argumentsUnhealthy arguments leads to breakupEvery couple fights either for some small reason or some big reason. So don't worry about it. An occasional argument is okay but if you find yourself complaining against the pettiest issues in your relationship, then it's a sign of unhappiness.

Whenever you might be concerned about the way you speak to each other in those arguments, keep a note in mind about the way you both react to conflict. If you find that the fight is turning nasty and you're trying to hurt your partner in an argument and find there is no mature conversation even in a conflict, then you must give a thought about whether you should continue your relationship!

3. Trust issues

trust issuesTrust is the pillar of any relationshipWe all have a tendency to doubt others and it's perfectly normal to look into anything that looks weird. But if you find yourself constantly snooping and questioning everything, then it's clearly a trust issue and the relationship likely needs to end.

Trust issues create a distance between you and your partner. This distance will only expand until trust is restored. Whether your partner did something to break the trust, or you entered the relationship with trust issues-be honest with yourself and your partner about your relationship doubts.

4. No more time to love yourself

no more yourselfLove yourself first!If your partner doesn't really make you feel good about yourself; you fear his/her judgement, then this isn't the right relationship for you. You can hardly be yourself in the relationship. You continuously worry about doing things that might annoy him/her. Your own happiness takes a backseat.

Now it's up to you to choose how to deal with that. If someone really loves you, they will encourage you to be who you are and love you for it.

5. Living in the past

living in the pastThinking more about the past-- means you are unhappy!It's okay to miss your past life... we all do that; but if all you do is wish things were like they used to be, it's a sign you're not on the right path. Dwelling more on the past and yearning to hit the reset button is a sign that the present relationship should end.

You're unhappy if you constantly feel that you need to rewind.

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