4 ways to impress a guy without looking desperate!

Here are some common ways by which you can impress a guy, read below.

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4 ways to impress a guy without looking desperate! 4 ways to impress a guy without looking desperate!

Want to impress a guy? It’s simple but not that simple! Many girls have a wrong notion that if they talk in a romantic manner they can win over a guy’s heart--- that’s not true. However, like men, women’s also face difficulty in understanding men. The situation becomes difficult when you have a crush on a guy and you just can’t understand how to impress him. In such a situation, first, you need to get the guy to notice you and then you need to work on other things.

To help you out on this critical issue, here are some common ways by which you can impress a guy:

1. Be yourself:

ways to impressBe confident in your own skin!Guys don't like girls who are fake--so don’t fake yourself, show your original self. Don't try to bluff him -- don’t show what you aren't because that can easily be noticed by the guy you are trying very hard to impress. Be confident in your own skin. Don't pretend you really like cricket, football or cycling if you won't enjoy doing it every weekend. That will just cause problems in future.

Plenty of couples have different interests -- they go their separate ways for a while. But when they get together again, they share a good bond!

Be open-minded, but that doesn’t mean that you will speak too much to impress him. In short, make them notice the real you and this can be done by openly sharing your views. Admit your weak points and mistakes; this will make them feel that you are genuine. It will also show that you have trust in him.

2. Take care about what you wear

ways to impressGive some thought to the clothes you are wearing!There are numerous ways by which you can impress a guy including with the kind of clothes you wear. But take care what you wear. Give some thought to the clothes you are wearing.

If you want to impress a guy, go for a personal style and choose your clothing wisely. Don’t spend too much on buying an outfit that's incredibly revealing. A low cleavage doesn't really impress guys. Possibly every male you pass will notice your exposed skin. But that doesn’t mean that he will fall for you.

Your new outfit can make a statement about your personality and confidence. So take care about what you wear.

3. Be lovable:

ways to impressMen, like women, too love being pampered!Kindness is the key to friendship! Boys like kind girls, so try to be kind enough towards yours and his surrounding people.

Whenever possible, surround him in a healthy atmosphere -- it is the best way to impress him. But be conscious of not showing off too much around him, this may easily pull him to a point that you are actually overdoing it. Men, like women, too love being pampered.

4. Be independent:

ways to impressGuys mostly like an independent girl!Let him know that you are special in your own way. Your charm and class can make him feel that you are one step higher than the other girls. Mostly try to be independent in doing any work, guys mostly like an independent girl.

This independent behavior of yours will attract him. It will make him feel that you are capable of handling any tough situation, resulting in the gain of importance; following which, he will develop greater respect for you.

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