4 keys to make your relationship last long!

There are some important traits that all successful couples share. Do you want to know which they are? Read below!

Love Sutra Love Sutra Jan 18, 2019
4 keys to make your relationship last long! 4 keys to make your relationship last long!

The definition of a relationship varies from person to person. Whenever you start dating someone or fall into a romantic relationship, you usually go in with an idea that this person could go the distance, he/she can hurt you or leave you alone. You fear the negative consequences --what if your partner ditches you? Well, everyone is not the same. You may have a ton of bad experiences from your last relationship but that doesn't mean that you are going to face the same.

The formula to make a relationship last forever varies because every couple is different. You could find a different formula to make your bond stronger. There are some important traits that all successful couples share. Do you want to know which they are? Read below!


trustTrust is a strong pillar of relationshipIn a relationship, trust is everything! If both of you have trust in each other, you feel comfortable and confident that your partner won't do anything to hurt you, that he/she is not going to cheat on you, then you may have a winning team. It's a good sign and shows that your relationship can last forever.

It's a big deal if your partner puts enough trust in you, devotes time to you and opens up to you. So, when a partner puts in some effort and opens up to you, it's important to not break their trust. To make your relationship run for a long time, it's important to show reverence and respect to that bond.


supportYou should always support each other!This world can be a scary place for you but the best part is that you have a partner with whom you can walk through it. It is a blessing having someone on your side when the going gets tough.

If your partner believes in you, start sharing your problems and even your dreams. If he/she listens when you need to talk something out, then it's a positive sign of a long-lasting relationship.

Sometimes, show your support by asking your partner how they are doing without even sharing your own personal issues. This allows you to be completely available to them. Lend your ear and listen to your partner's problem. It is a good way to let your partner know you are fully present to listen to them.


understandingWithout understanding your relationship will never workNot everyone is perfect! Even your partner might do something that upsets you at times. In such a situation, don't hurt them by speaking the truth; but staying quiet will not lead to happiness. So, call your partner out in a healthy way and talk about the problem.

Whenever your partner is upset with you, talk it out. Without getting defensive, accept your fault and discuss what you could do about it. It will make your love strong and last longer. If you both admit your mistake whenever you're wrong, it will cut down your fighting time and will also prevent simple misunderstandings, which can turn into something much bigger.


love-650_011819031240.jpgLove your partnerIt's important to show love! It is most important to show your partner love and support through your words. But other than that, your physical love is also important. So find subtle ways to connect physically, make sure to give your partner a kiss when you leave for work or hold hands while taking a walk.

Giving a forehead kiss, snuggling on the couch, or holding hands are the non-sexual touch that helps you to build a connection. Even if it doesn't come naturally to you, keep up a routine of showing physical affection as it can make all of the difference.

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