3 keys to a healthy relationship!

Have you ever questioned yourself why your relationship is not working? How to make it work? How can you make a healthy romantic relationship? Here are the answers.

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3 keys to a healthy relationship! 3 keys to a healthy relationship!

Over 90 per cent people in a relationship face lack of understanding. Different people have different perception about relationships. Have you ever questioned yourself what went wrong? ? How to make it work? What are the key ingredients of a healthy relationship? How can you make your relationship a healthy romantic one?

There is only one answer to all these questions -- understanding i.e. forming trust, being loyal and giving time to your partner is a matter of conscience. Unfortunately, it doesn't just happen overnight. You need to work hard to make your relationship grow, you need to stay strong, put in some work. Relationships are a part of life that happens all with the time.

So, in order to keep your relationship healthy, you need a few key ingredients, which are as follows!

Ease of understanding

Understanding understanding is more important than loveAccessibility is the first key ingredient of a healthy relationship. People in every relationship need to feel as if their partner is accessible to them. You can make your bond strong by being easily accessible to them.

You need to pay extra attention to your partner and be sensitive when they are trying to reach you.

Try to co-operate and just be available to listen. Many of the times it happens people just want to be heard by their partners, and they are longing for empathy, but they receive an unwanted solution.

By just listening and validating how your partner feels, you can increase your accessibility.


Responsive relationshipResponsive relationship partners convey understanding, validation, and caring Responsiveness is the second key ingredient of a healthy relationship. Always respond whenever your partner comes to you. If you are actually unavailable or doing something else, let them know and reassure them that their concerns are important to you.

Later, find some time and discuss the matter together. Mostly when partners start to ice each other out and do not respond to each other, they open their relationship up to all kinds of problematic possibilities.

So, to avoid such issues you need to stay connected with your partner by responding.

Emotional Bond

emotional bondWithout a strong emotional connection, relationships can easily drift apartBeing emotionally attached to your partner is the third key ingredient of a healthy relationship. Emotions speak louder than words. Indeed, love is more about an emotional bond.

Therefore it's important for partners to be emotionally engaged with each other. Caring about your partner's emotional experience and being curious about it is not the only important thing. You should also let them know about you. Be open and discuss all, this emotionally engaged with your partner will make your bond stronger.

So, from the next time onwards whenever you fight with your partner, stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what you are really fighting about. There are chances that you both are struggling from the same problem. You lack each other's attention and want to see if your partner is there or not and how much you really matter to each other.

Increase your ease of understanding and responsiveness with each other, which will ultimately fade away fights.

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