Summer health tips for kids, students and seniors

Here are summer health tips for everyone that will keep you healthy during the warm weather.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 13, 2016
Summer health tips for kids, students and  seniors Summer health tips for kids, students and seniors

It's summer time! Children tend to ignore their health in summers as they spend more time doing physical activities during study breaks.  Not only children, people of all ages face specific health risks during summers but kids and seniors are more prone to these risks. Staying hydrated is one of the best summer health tips for everyone.

As temperature and humidity go up, the risk of heat-related illnesses also increases. Here are summer health tips for everyone that will keep you healthy during summers.  

Consuming the right fluids

1. Drink water frequently:  Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. Our body is made up of 75% water. We need water to stay fit and healthy.  So drink water regularly at intervals throughout the day, especially when you are outdoors.

2. Drink coconut water: Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and is good for your health in summers.  It's an excellent alternative to water on hot days.

3. Drink diluted fruit juice:  Drin diluted fruit juices in summers to beat the heat. Always choose 100% natural fruit juices with no added sugar. Avoid juices with artificial sweeteners as they are not good for hydration.

4. Add some lemon juice to your water:  Spice up your glass of water with lemon juice. It will make your glass of water more refreshing. You can also add some fruit like orange or other fruit to improve the taste of water.

5. Avoid energy drinks: Anything high in sugar simply dehydrates your body, so avoid beverages like energy drinks. Actually these can be dangerous in summer heat.

Planning ahead

 1. Eat fruits and veggies: Fruits and veggies are rich in water and eating plenty of them will help you stay hydrated.  Eat a bowl of salad filled with veggies and fruits to beat the heat.

2. Carry a reusable water bottle:  People who consume more fluids each day can keep themselves hydrated in summers. Always carry a stainless steel reusable bottle with you. Avoid plastic bottles. Avoid using disposable bottles as they are difficult to clean which may result in bacteria growth.

3. Wear cotton clothes:  Excessive sweating may lead to dehydration. So wear right clothes that can help you stay cool during heat. Always opt for light weight and breathable materials in summer.

These are some simple summer health tips that everyone should follow. Kids and seniors require extra care. Here we are discussing summer health tips for kids that will help your child stay hydrated:

  • Provide your kid with water bottle:  As we all know that staying hydrated is important in summers, always provide your kids with water bottle during summer season while they are moving out.  Water flushes out toxins from the body, so it should be consumed often in sufficient quantity
  • Give your kid fresh juices or lemon water:  Parents should provide coconut water, fresh juice or lemon juice as refreshment to the kids. Besides keeping them hydrated, these juices will also keep them energized
  • Wear light color clothing:  Provide clothes of lighter shades to kids as they reflect heat better and keep them cool during summers. White clothes are best for summers
  • Sunscreen cover:  Always apply sunscreen lotion to the face whenever kids move outside in the sun to play. Sunscreen will protect them from harmful UV rays. Put summer hat on them and sunshades to protect you from direct sunlight
  • Say no to junk foods:  Avoid eating spicy foods like pizza, burgers and pasta; instead go for fresh fruits like watermelon, chiku, kiwi and muskmelon.  These fruits have antioxidant properties that will keep your kids hydrated
  • Keep kids out of mid-day sun: Try to keep your kids away from direct sunlight especially during peak hours from 12 noon to 4 PM.  Engage them in indoor activities during this time. Evening times are best for playing outdoor games.
Like kids, seniors also require extra care during summers as they are at high risk of heat related problems.  Below conditions increase health risks in aged people.
  • Heart, lung and kidney diseases
  • Poor blood circulation and inefficient working of sweat glands
  • High blood pressure
  • Consumption of alcohol

Here are ten summer health tips for seniors as we prepare for summers. These will help you beat the heat this summer season.

  • Drink plenty of liquids: Drink more water and fruit juices to stay hydrated
  • Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks: Alcohol, tea, coffee and soda may dehydrate you quickly during summer season. Try to avoid such beverages in summer if possible. Plain or flavored water is a good substitute to these drinks
  • Wear loose clothes: Avoid wearing tight clothes during summer season and opt for loose and light colored clothes. Dark colors attract more heat, so avoid tight fitted clothes
  • Sun block: Apply a sunscreen lotion always to your skin while moving out in the sun
  • Stay indoors during peak hours:  In extreme heat and humidity, evaporation process slows down and body has to work more to stay at normal temperature. Try to stay indoors in such weather conditions
  • Air conditioning:  Air conditioning is must for seniors as their body can't handle much heat. If you don't have air conditioner at home, use cooler or fan
  • Avoid outdoor heat:  If you have an urgent work and have to move outdoors then don't drive the car, call a taxi or any transportation service. Use public transports instead of riding a motor cycle
  • Know the signs of heat stroke:  Consult a doctor if you feel like flushed face, high body temperature, nausea, rapid pulse, nausea and dizziness
  • Keep the inside temperature of home cool:  Inside temperature of your home should not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Use air conditioner to regulate the temperature
Take proper precautions whether you are inside or outside of your home in summers.  You should be aware of how the body reacts to heat and humidity. You should take proper care to avoid heat stroke and sun stroke during summers. Follow the above summer health tips for kids and seniors to stay cool and hydrated during hot summer season.

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