Benefits of apple cider vinegar - Why Its Good for You

Here we have for you ten benefits of Apple Cider Vineger an everyday diet partner.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Jul 31, 2017
Benefits of apple cider vinegar - Why Its Good for You Benefits of apple cider vinegar - Why Its Good for You

All their lives mankind has looked for a magical drink that can make all its problems go away. A liquid that can make people fit, skin glow, fight common diseases and leave them better nourished. Little do we know that such an elixir already exists and not only that it is easily available and practically tasteless. Apple Cider Vinegar is this miracle drink which can help you battle everyday problems like acid reflux, acne, weight gain and what not that too with minimal effort. Just 2-3 drops every day for 3 times a day in water or green tea and voila, the magic begins. These benefits of apple cider vinegar stem from its healing compounds, which include acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes. Because of acetic acid it also acts as a natural anti-biotic. Here we have for you ten benefits of making ACV an everyday diet partner.

 1. Detoxifies body
Apple cider vinegar is a lymphatic and liver tonic which means it kicks all the bad toxins out of your body. Because it stimulates bowel motility, cardiovascular stimulation and lymphatic drainage it rids body of all its accumulated toxins and ultimately leaves you healthier from the inside.

2. Fights acid reflux
One of the biggest benefits of ACV is the fact that it cures acid reflux and heartburn naturally over time. Heartburn is a product of imbalanced stomach pH levels and lack of enzymes. Since ACV balances pH and has enzymes it is the perfect cure for heart burn.

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3. Helps in weight loss and boosts metabolism
ACV is a must have for those on a diet or those who need to loose eight because of the way it leads to fat burn. Consuming ACV kills sugar cravings and improves detoxification. It gives the body essential nutrients and so having it half an hour before a meal takes away an edge of your appetite so you end up eating more vegetables and less carbs. It also helps in boosting metabolism so the food in body is burned and digested at a faster pace because of which carbohydrates and sugar do not turn into fat cells.

4. Balances body pH
The acetic acid in  ACV has a more alkaline effect on the body regardless of its acidic nature. Because of this it balances pH levels and reduces risks of chronic illnesses.

5. Balances blood sugar levels
Acetic acid in ACV not only balances pH level of body but also improves insulin sensitivity and insulin responses. 2-3 drops a day in water or green tea, three times a day and you are good to go.

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6. Lowers BP
Healthy and regulated consumption of ACV lowers blood pressure and triglycerides significantly leading to a better heart condition.

7. Removes warts
Physical application of ACV also removes warts. Put it topically on the wart, cover it with a bandage and leave it on overnight. The results are visible in a week or later.

8. Kills fungus
Skin and toe nail fungus can also be cured by ACV because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. Simply rubbing it on the infected area twice a day is great for killing fungus.

9. Secret to a healthy glowing skin
Since ACV detoxifies body and leaves it healthier from the inside by balancing its pH, the effect is evident on the skin which becomes soft, glowing and free of acne.

10. Fights cold and allergies
ACV breaks up mucus in body and so supports lymphatic drainage. It also clears sinuses and supports immune system. Thus it can help treat cold and seasonal allergies.


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