How to Increase Height After 18 Years: 5 Simple Tips

You aspire to add a few more inches to their height? Here are a few tips for how to increase your height after the age of 18.

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How to Increase Height After 18 Years: 5 Simple Tips How to Increase Height After 18 Years: 5 Simple Tips

Have you been 'looking up' at people all your life? Well, there are a lot of things you could do to help boost your height a couple of inches, even if you are past 18. Yes, you read that right. There's still hope for you to increase your height after 18.

Before we get to what one can do to increase height after 18, let's understand how our bodies grow naturally, and what we can do to improve and supplement those processes.
Your height is defined by genetics. Your parents' genes will largely decide how tall you are. There are several other factors like proper nutrition, sleep patterns, and physical activity. However, their role in your height development is not as important as genetics.

Our body has a gland named pituitary gland which secretes HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that is responsible for muscle and bone growth, metabolism of fat, and body composition. This usually happens around puberty.

Height is associated with attractiveness and confidence. In the modern culture, we might often find shorter people neglected in favor of their taller peers. Tall people are also associated with power. Most of the world's leading CEOs and world leaders were found to be above average height. So, it's natural that people always aspire to add a few more inches to their height.

So, here are a few tips for how to increase your height after 18 years:

1. Get Proper Nutrition

This is the best way to increase height after 18.

Need: A well-balanced diet with ample of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and carbohydrates.

To do: Even though the body secretes lower amount of growth hormones, it is still possible to increase their production by eating right. A healthy diet should be rich in proteins, essential fats, complex carbohydrates, and all the nutrients and vitamins possible.
Food is the fuel for the body to grow. Milk, meat, leafy vegetables and nuts should be the pillars of your height increasing diet. Giving your body the correct amount of fuel will improve the functioning of your body systems.

Increased circulation, higher metabolic rates, stronger and longer bones - these are all benefits of eating right. Vitamin D is essential as it helps the bones absorb calcium that is directly responsible for bone growth and strength.

2. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is the best way to increase your height after 18 years.

Need: A pair of running shoes, a swimming pool membership, or access to any well maintained sporting facility of your choice.

To do: As people grow, it becomes necessary to include some form of physical activity in your routines. If you are looking to add a few inches to your frame, any physical activity that involves jumping, running, or other aerobic activities will result better for longer and stronger bones.

It is said that exercise stimulates the nerve ends which are directly associated with the pituitary gland. The gland then secretes more HGH, and this can lead to an increase in height even after cross the typical growth age benchmark.

3. Get adequate sleep

Need: A comfortable mattress.

To do: Our bodies are always functioning, even as we sleep. Children grow the most in their sleep. Hence, it is essential to get a sound sleep for at least eight hours. Ensuring that one gets at least eight hours of sleep is crucial as the pituitary gland is mostly active during this time.

Another factor that determines your growth is your sleeping posture. For best results, lie down on your back without a pillow. Elevate your knees slightly by placing a small pillow under them. This is the most natural and comfortable posture for your spine. Straightening your spine while you sleep helps stretch out the disks in your back. This helps increase your height and reduces the chances of back injuries and back pain.

 4. Do hanging exercises

We've heard at least one of our elders advice us to "hang from the branch of a tree" or from a monkey bar, haven't we?

Need: A rod or ledge capable of holding your weight.

To do: Did you know that your height differs by almost an inch during the day? When you sleep, your spine is stretched out completely. When we stand up, due to gravity, it compresses. This means, your height decreases as the day gets off.

By performing a few exercises, it is possible to extend the amount of time you stay at full height. This can be supplemented by concentrating on lower back exercises like deadlifts and bent-over rows. Hanging exercises strengthen your lower back and add muscle.

5. Wear lifts

This is not a natural method to grow taller but it is very effective. It's a favorite tool used by celebrities who want to appear as tall as their fellow actors.

Need: A pair of shoes with "lifts" i.e. thick soles that add a few inches.

To do: If you are concerned about your height and want to look a few inches taller, this is the easiest and most foolproof plan. Shoes with lifts are readily available and are designed not to give the impression of being irregular. Shoes with lifts look the same as regular shoes and have padding inside them. This makes them perfect for adding a few inches of height and makes you look taller.

Now that you know how to increase height after 18 years of age, worry not! While height can be a touchy subject, these tips can help you gain a few inches and boost your confidence. However, it's important to note that height is not as important as a person's character, and appearance is generally overrated.



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