How to perform Kundalini Yoga- techniques and benefits

While beginning Kundalini Yoga, these tips can help you settle your body to support your conscious mind. Your body can ache while performing any yoga practice and these tips will help you prepare for long periods.

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How to perform Kundalini Yoga- techniques and benefits How to perform Kundalini Yoga- techniques and benefits

Contrary to the popular belief, Kundalini isn't just about yoga. In reality, it's the biological basis of all the spiritual experiences and the evolutionary energy residing within the human body. It is said to be the most powerful yoga practice. Now the question arises - How to practice Kundalini Yoga at home?

This yoga practice must be done under the direction of an expert or a guru and a few basic steps should be followed while doing it on your own at home. Before beginning this practice, one must also consult a doctor or health practitioner.

Meaning of Kundalini

Kundalini is an intelligent mechanism in the human body responsible for the awakening of spiritual energy. It's a kind of metabolic system to upgrade our brain and to elevate it to higher consciousness. Visually, it is seen as a sleeping serpent. Kundalini Yoga helps to awaken this serpent to take advantage of the power of your nervous and glandular system.

Practicing Kriyas for Kundalini

  • While performing this yoga practice, come to a comfortable seating posture and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax. Following deep breathing, gently roll your neck and shoulders to loosen your muscles and joints
  • Generally, Kundalini exercises are done in sets called Kriyas which include postures, breathe and sound that are performed in a specific way, in a specific order and in specific time frames
  • When you are beginning Kundalini Yoga practice, you may never have spent that much time meditating before. While performing you might think "Am I done?" or "I can't do it right".  This is a very common scenario for everyone. It doesn't mean you can't perform meditation

How to do Kundalini Yoga at home:

Correct alignment:

Incorrect alignment of body while performing yoga could make you hurt your back. You must sit in a correct posture when doing Kundalini Yoga. You need to support the natural curve in your spine to maintain a strong structure.

To maintain strong structure, you can perform a few minutes of stretch pose every day. Once your body comes to the natural position, it will be easier to maintain it during yoga practices and meditation. You can follow some online books also on how to practice Kundalini Yoga.

Support your Limbs:

Support yourself and don't leave your limbs hanging. Put pillows under your knees to prevent them from dangling. Try using a backjack if you are having any back problems. Using a meditation cushion can also help you sit in a comfortable position.

Warm up your body:

The purpose of warm up is to prepare the body for meditation. Ancient yogis developed the asanas and Kriyas not only to keep the body healthy but also to increase prana so as to sit in meditation for longer intervals. Doing a Kriya prior to meditation will help achieving peace of mind.

Cover your head and spine:

Keeping the spine warm during meditation helps the energy rise in Kundalini Yoga. Covering head focuses energy in your body up to the crown chakra. It makes meditation easier without any mental distraction from outside sources. You can try turbans while performing Kundalini, as they will work well. You can also try headscarves or head wraps.

Make your heart sing while meditating:

Many Kundalini meditations require music or mantras that help you stay fit and inspired. Right mantras can make all the difference to move you to the core.

Rules on how to practice Kundalini Yoga at home

1. Kundalini Yoga breathing

  • Kundalini Yoga relies on pranayama to work its magic
  • Each exercise is accompanied by a specific pranayama and it should be done through the nose
  • You must also have a tissue or handkerchief while performing Pranayama
2. Kundalini Yoga safety
  • Some kriyas are very challenging and it is recommended that you always do warm-ups doing the sets and asanas
  • Perform spinal warm-ups practices to charge your brain and spine for the awakening of Kundalini Shakti
3. Tune into rhythm
  • Sit in a comfortable position, place your palms in front of your chest and fold them in prayer mudra. Your hands must be placed on the heart
  • Chant the first part of mantra like "Aum". Start inhaling and focus on your third eye point. Your third eye point is the center of your forehead. Aum sound will vibrate your throat, cranium and nasal passages
  • Perform it in one deep breathe or two breaths. Do not breathe through nose while chanting mantra
  • Repeat it several times. It depends on how long it takes you to tune into your body and rhythm. This will connect you to the golden chain of Kundalini Yoga
4. Performing Kundalini Yoga
  • Sit in a comfortable position to practice meditation
  • Make your body understand that you are performing meditation
  • Sit in cros-legged position that you are comfortable with. You can choose any posture from Sukhasana, Padmasana, Vajrasna or whichever you are comfortable with. The most comfortable and ideal position for Kundalini Yoga is Padamasana
  • Now close your eyes and perform breathing exercise. Close your left nostril with hand and breathe through the right nostril. Hold the breath for as long as you can. Repeat the same procedure with other side
  • Now it's time to concentrate on the energy of the body known as chakra. Concentrate on chakra located at the base of your spin, known as root chakra. Continue breathing in and out with your nostrils
  • Now try to visualise the flow of a bright light from the crown of your head
  • If you succeed in feeling the flow of energy, you will feel a magical difference in your body, from head to toe
Following these steps properly will make you feel the divine touch. Keep your eyes closed throughout the meditation process. Concentrate and relax yourself. You will feel some connection with the almighty God by doing meditation. Follow the above steps on how to do Kundalini Yoga easily at home.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

  • Helps you to calm down your brain
  • Gives you a feel of oneness with God
  • Helps you to get relief from depression and anxiety
  • Increases your concentration levels
  • Makes you self-dependent
  • Increases your thinking capacity
So start practicing meditation today and feel the difference that it brings to your mind, body and soul.

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