Change your lifestyle to stay healthy, fit and young

Health and fitness tips for men and women to stay healthy, fit and look younger. These health fitness tips are tried and tested, and deliver results.

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Change your lifestyle to stay healthy, fit and young Change your lifestyle to stay healthy, fit and young

Life is short, but a healthy body can make you live longer. Healthy diet and exercising develops your immune system and reduces the risk of chronic diseases like cancers, eye problems, heart problems and diabetes. Below few simple health and fitness tips will help you develop healthy habits which contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Eat healthy food: Eating right food provides all the vital nutrients needed by the body to function properly. Eating a healthy diet also helps you feel more energetic. A diet rich in nutrients include whole grains, low fat dairy products, poultry, fish, lean meat, eggs and unsaturated fats. Avoid processed foods as they consist of saturated fats and sugar. Processed foods doesn't have much nutritional value and contribute to blood sugar levels rise and drop quickly
  • Regular exercise: Exercising is the best health fitness tip for maintaining healthy weight. It strengthens your bones and muscles, reduces stress and maintains your overall health. Regular exercising protects you from diseases and improves your immunity power. Moderate exercise is advisable for everyone. If you have health problems then consult with your doctor before exercising. Minimum 150 minutes of workout in a week is recommended by health experts 
  • Get enough sleep: Getting adequate amount of sleep is very important for a healthy body. Sleep helps in balancing your body hormones and also plays a vital role in the body's fitness and development. It makes the immunity system of the body stronger and repairs the heart and blood vessels while you are sleeping. Sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required every day
  • Reduce stress: Stress management is essential to get a healthy body. Excessive stress may lead to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Yoga, meditation, exercise and stress reduction programmes are effective in managing the stress and keeping the body fit
  • Drink water regularly: Staying hydrated is essential to keep the body healthy. Our body is made up of 70 per cent water and water is required by each and every cell of the body to function properly. Water is essential to regulate body temperature and it acts as a carrier to remove waste products from the body. Drinking water keeps the blood pressure in control and cushions various organs of the body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to maintain your overall health
  • Avoid bad habits:  Taking unnecessary risks is bad for the body and mind. These may lead to many health related risks and psychological problems. Abandon the below bad habits immediately:


2.Alcohol consumption

3.Unsafe sex

4.Drug abuse

5.Seeking thrills through dangerous activities

6.Physical fights

Change your lifestyle:  By making some changes in your lifestyle, you can get a physically fit and healthy body. Instead of exhausting yourself in gym, you can go for a walk with your dog, take stairs instead of elevators and lifts. Avoid eating while sitting in front of TV or computer. Moderation in lifestyle is one of the amazing health and fitness tips for men and women both

1. Go to a meditation center and learn how to think positive.

2. Talk to a therapist.

3. Join some emotional awareness programs which will help you understand your emotional problems.

Make a daily healthy routine: Set a monthly or weekly plan to meet the goals. Plan workouts for 20 minutes daily to achieve good health. Incorporating different styles of exercise will help you enjoy these activities and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Balance: When looking to develop and maintain fitness, a balanced lifestyle is essential. Make sure you make a balance between resistance and cardiovascular exercises. Also find the correct ratio of work, exercise and health.

1. Set a goal

2. Commit to that goal

3. Never be afraid to ask for help

4. Try new things

5. Be adventurous with your eating and exercising schedule

6. Learn, sweat and enjoy

If you do not like exercising then follow a fixed diet plan to melt the layers of fat from your body and to build muscles. Here are a few health and fitness tips for women that will help them achieve a fit body.

Eat frequently

1. You must eat small meals every day. Divide your meal into five parts that may consist of whole foods.

2. Eating small meals will keep your metabolism at high rate.

3. Avoid eating packaged food items as they contain trans-fat, refined flour and sodium.

4. Include whole grain, brown rice, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your meal.

Keep a check on the macronutrients

1. Maintain the balance of macronutrients in your diet.

2. Focus on the lean proteins, complex starch and healthy oils in your diet every day.

3. Olive oil and avocados are the healthy oils that you can consume daily.

4. Eat carbohydrates early morning or before workout times so that they can be burnt easily.

5. Vitamin A, D and K are necessary for the body. Include vitamin rich foods also in your diet.

6. 20 gm of protein should be added in each meal that you eat.

7. Drink a glass of milk and low fat dairy products daily.

Drink lots of water

1. Consume at least 8 glasses of water everyday.

2. Water is essential to flush out toxins from the body.

3. Water releases excess sodium from the body.

Add some healthy food habits to your diet

1. Avoid tea and coffee, instead go for water and green tea.

2. Only eat lean meat, if you are non-vegetarian.

3. Eat whole meals only.

4. Eat raw fruits and vegetables with every meal.

5. Avoid eating refined flour.

6. Avoid sodas, cold drinks, packaged juices and alcohol.

Follow the above health and fitness tips to tone your body and get into a proper shape. Follow diet plans with exercise to stay fit, young and healthy.

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