Gym workout Plan for the Beginners: Keep these things in mind before starting weight training

Get up couch potatoes, it's time to hit the gym. Here are things to keep in mind before starting weight training

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 26, 2017
Gym workout Plan for the Beginners: Keep these things in mind before starting weight training Gym workout Plan for the Beginners: Keep these things in mind before starting weight training

Weight training has become very important these days. A good workout schedule burns away extra fat and helps in building lean muscles. Until and unless you don't have required amount of muscles and toned abs, your body is not considered attractive.

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy body. A well built body with good muscles do add to one's personality. Hence, it is time for you to leave your couches and hit the gym.

As a beginner you need to keep certain things in mind and here we are to help you know those things:

Make a slow start: Once you start a weight training programme, do it gradually. Inculcate healthy habits in your daily lifestyle along with the workout routine. Do follow a rigorous schedule but in the beginning go slow about it. Your body needs to prepare for the change.

Make good use of Dumb bell: There are high-tech machines available in the gym. There are several exercises but a good pair of dumb bell can go a long way to build muscles. It is a very good tool for the beginners.

Keep a check on the weight you lift: As a beginner, one should never try to lift heavy weight. You should rely on your trainer and start with lighter weights and gradually increase it as your training progresses. Always take a pause before lifting weight to avoid sudden jerk to your body.

Keep yourself hydrated: Our muscles are composed of around 75 per cent water. Hence it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Always keep a tab of your weight before and after your workout. Then drink ounces of water accordingly. Take the guidance of your trainer.

Bring extra towels and clothes: It is advisable to keep wiping your slime in between workout to avoid skin infections. Post workout, take a good shower, for which you need to carry fresh towel and clothes.

Maintain correct posture: Nothing is important than maintaining the correct posture. If you do not follow it strictly, then there will be no betterment in the shape of your body. On the other hand it can also be a cause of deformities. The correct starting position for most exercises is shoulders back, chest out, standing (or sitting) tall, with your abs tight.

Use Dumb Bells Use Dumb Bells

Few rules of weight lifting:

  • To start, follow the instructions of your gym instructor
  • Leave the machines and sets clean
  • Keep all the weights, dumbbells or barbells that are used back in the racks or allotted place
  • Don't spend your resting time on the machine. You can share a machine with co-trainers, using and resting alternatively
  • Finally, leave behind your phone in the locker; it will let you concentrate and others won't be disturbed too

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Greater momentum increases the potential for injury and reduces the effectiveness to the muscle group being targeted. So a beginner should not lift too much of heavy weights in the beginning
  • On the other hand, always playing it safe and not using enough weights will also not help. Once you start training and you are able to do 30 reps with a certain weight, it is an indication that you need to increase it. One should increase about 5 per cent weight at a time
  • Do not lift weight fast and rush through reps. It is beneficial to lift weight in a slow and controlled manner, including more total muscle tension, correct force and more muscle fibre activation
  • The recommended rest period is between 30-90 seconds, for overall fitness

Maintain Right Postures Maintain Right Postures

It is advisable to start working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Follow the above tips and rely on your fitness gurus to avoid the initial mistakes.

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