Easy way to stay in shape

Dreaming of that perfect body shape and size? Follow these easy fitness tips in your daily routine to get better results.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 16, 2016
Easy way to stay in shape Easy way to stay in shape

Staying motivated and achieving a healthy fitness level is must for reducing the risk of various diseases. Nutritious diet, weight control and regular exercise are must to stay fit.  Making lifestyle changes will also help you stay fit. Women always vie for a fit body but most of them are unable to achieve it due to improper diet and irregularities in exercises. Here we will discuss some effective health and fitness tips for women that will help them get a fit body and perfect shape.  Follow these fitness tips in your daily routine to get better results.

Body fitness tips for women

  • So girls, get ready to follow these simple tips to get slim and sexy figure.
  • Begin with the activities you love: If you find it tough to perform exercise on daily basis, then all you need to do is prepare a list of the active things that you can do and start doing at least one of them every day. Follow that activity for a month and then start with a newer one in the next month.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption:  Today, many women head for clubs and pubs for a round of drinks and smoking. Women should keep in mind that excess of these bad habits is not good for their health. Alcohol should not be consumed daily.
  • Go for treadmill in gym:  Walking on treadmill is one of the best fitness tips for women that are good for toning the body. Perform brisk walking on treadmill with dumbbell in hands for triceps extensions, biceps curls, side laterals, shoulder presses and kickbacks. Walk for one minute to perform these actions set wise.
  • Go for running:  Running regularly provides you strength and improves your endurance power. Running is best exercise to tone the whole body.
  • Never perform excessive workouts:  Women should not perform excess of exercise practices. Target on limited exercises within a defined time frame to make the session more effective and joyful.
How to Munch
  • Eat healthy snacks:  If you have a habit of eating throughout the day, go for healthy snacks. It will not harm your health.
  • Minimize refined carbs: Keep white bread, cookies, chocolates, wheat flour and white rice, corn flour and honey out of your diet. As soon as you swallow refined carbs, it will raise blood sugar levels in the body that produces insulin hormone. This hormone is responsible for increasing fat in the body.
  • Eat five times a day: Make a habit of eating 5 times a day. Take 3 meals and 2 snacks.  There should be one snack between each breakfast and lunch, and another one between lunch and dinner. Five daily feedings will stabilize your blood sugar levels and fill you with energy for the whole day. Eating five times is one of the amazing ladies fitness tips to maintain healthy body.
  • Add proteins to your diet:  Eat a balanced diet full of protein, carbohydrates and fats in every meal. Proteins contain amino acids that are essential for the recovery of muscles after workouts. Lean meats, eggs, nuts, beans, soy and Greek yogurt are good sources of protein.
  • Good fat and bad fat:  Fats are essential for a balanced diet. The only fat you should avoid is trans-fat as other fats do not make you fat. Sources of good fats are avocado, coconut oil, nuts and olive oil.
  • Carbohydrates:  Both simple and complex carbs are essential for a healthy diet. Each gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories. Add oatmeal, bananas, berries, whole wheat grains and yogurt to your diet.
  • Limit the intake of liquids:  Limit the intake of sodas, packaged juices and beverages. Instead, drink water and black coffee. You can also take fresh fruit juice to add nutrition to your diet.
  • Diet soda is also bad for health: There are fake sweeteners available in the markets, known as diet soda. These are not sugar-free; rather they are calorie-free. They also spike insulin levels in your body.
Other fitness tips for women
  • Try to stay happy: Laughter is the best medicine to cure stress. Staying happy is an amazing fitness tip that can refresh your mood. Pick an activity that you actually enjoy.
  • Follow an effective exercise routine:  Strength training is one of the best women body fitness tips that will help you tone your body. Make a routine of strength training twice a week for 20 minutes. Start cardio and aerobic exercises for 60 minutes. You can either choose from dancing, walking or running also.
Take supplements for a healthy body
Your diet should contain whole foods. Sometimes, you can't get all the essential nutrients from eating whole foods, even if you think that the diet is perfect. Supplements complement your diet and offer essential nutrients that your body needs. Adding supplements in your diet is one of the best daily fitness tips for women to complete the nutritional needs of the body. Include them in your diet to stay fit and healthy.
Here are some healthy supplements that every woman should take:
  • Multivitamins:  Women tend to have deficiency of nutrients like foliate, iron and Vitamin B12.  A basic multivitamin offers a gamut of nutrients required by their body and the dosage varies from brand to brand. Explore multivitamins for women or consult with your doctor for the intake and dosage of multivitamins.
  • Fish oil supplements:  These supplements are considered safe for everyone. Studies have shown the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy body. Fish oil contains EPA and DHA fatty acids which are star players in cognitive health and development.
  • Protein supplements: Proteins intake is must for a heavily worked body. Instead of taking chicken after chicken, a protein shake is enough to fulfill the need of protein in the body. Protein supplements come in great tastes and flavors.

Track your nutrition and workout progress for staying fit and healthy. Follow these ladies fitness tips to get a healthy, fit and toned body.

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