5 weight loss stories of Bollywood celebs that inspired us in 2018

There are a number of Bollywood celebs who can inspire you. The divas of Bollywood, who faced similar weight loss battles and emerged victoriously, are the role models you should follow.

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5 weight loss stories of Bollywood celebs that inspired us in 2018 5 weight loss stories of Bollywood celebs that inspired us in 2018

Going Gym and performing workouts sometimes seems tough. The monotones routine of a gym can lead to losing interest in shredding some calories in the gym. You may even feel discouraged after a failed weight loss effort but this is obvious.

However, if you are a great fan of movie stars, your favourite Bollywood star could inspire you with his/her success story of overcoming the lifeissue.

There is a number of Bollywood celebs who can inspire you. The divas of Bollywood, who faced similar weight loss battles and emerged victoriously, are the role models you should follow.

So, for you, here is a list of five Bollywood celebrities who have successfully covered the journey from fat to fit! So, now, with 2018 say goodbye to your body fat and look gorgeous and find yourself on the list one day!

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

kareena kapoor khanKareena Kapoor Khan has managed to lose 32 kgKareena Kapoor Khan is one of the fittest actors in the Hindi film industry. Kareena has been showing some fluctuations in her body weight. In 2008, Kareena lost around 20kg and weighed 48kg for Tashan. Following this, she gained 90kg during her pregnancy.

Now, after 19 months of Taimur's birth, Kareena has managed to lose 32 kg. She worked hard to lose weight, she eats after every two hours but her meal portion sizes are small.

Her exercise regimen includes Yoga every morning for a supple, toned, flexible body. She performs a hundred Suryanamaskars a day. Kareena's workout style is one of the best to be followed among Bollywood celebrities.

2. Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi sinhaSonakshi reduced around 30 kgs of weightBefore entering in the Bollywood industry, Sonakshi Sinha was about 90kgs. She loved eating junk food and did not follow any workout charts.

After her first movie, she got inspired by Salman Khan so much so that she started doing work out regularly and even followed a strict diet plan so that she could lose around 30kgs.

Sonakshi started going to the gym twice a day and her workout regime includes cardio, weight training, functional training, hot yoga, spinning and swimming or playing tennis. Sonakshi reduced around 30 kgs of weight, coming down to60 kgs.

Take a look at Sonakshi's diet charti

  • Early morning - A glass of water with honey and lemon juice
  • Breakfast - Cereal and low-fat milk, one whole wheat toast
  • Lunch - A cup of mixed vegetable curry with two chapatis and salad
  • Snacks - A cup of green tea or a bowl of fruits
  • Dinner - Half cup of dal, mixed vegetable curry, a piece of chicken breast or grilled fish

3. Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti ChopraParineeti Chopra dropped from size 38 to 30Parineeti accepts the fact that before joining Bollywood, she was of 86 kilos. But, with a rigorous workout regime and a strict diet plan, Parineeti finally shed those extra pounds. And, now ,when you compare her with her previous look, she certainly looks quite in shape.

She became a head turner in Bollywood by dropping from size 38 to 30. After realising that she had limited options for her dress, she decided to lose some pounds. She was on a strict six-months diet plan.

Take a look at Parineeti's diet chart

  • Early morning - A warm cup of water with a dash of lemon juice
  • Breakfast - Two boiled eggs, one piece of brown bread and a cup of fat-free milk
  • Post-lunch - fat-free yoghurt or green tea
  • Dinner - Vegetables, fat-free milk, low-fat foods

4. Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi PednekarBhumi Pednekar lost nearly 30kgs in a healthy wayThe 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha' actress, Bhumi Pednekar chose the role of an overweight married woman in her first movie and put on weight for that.

The real transformation came when Bhumi lost nearly 30kgs in a healthy way. She had to exercise every day to achieve her goal. Here is the diet plan that worked for Bhumi.

  • She used to start her day by drinking 50ml of organic aloe vera juiceo Breakfast - three egg-white omelettes topped with herbs, multi-grain bread, granola bar and a glass of milk
  • Post workout snack - Bhumi used to work out for an hour post breakfast and then for her post-workout snack, she used to prefer chana, chicken or fish with greens
  • Lunch - A meal which consists of two small chapatis made of a mix of ragi, soya, chana, and amaranth flour topped with ghee along with sabzi and buttermilk
  • Evening - Fresh, seasonal fruits, a cup of green tea
  • Dinner before 8 pm- A bowl of salad with different greens, seeds, nuts and cold-pressed oil
  • At 9 pm - Grilled fish or chicken with brown rice

5. Zareen Khan

Zareen KhanZareen Khan started off her weight loss journey with pilates Zareen Khan'sjourney from 100kgs to 57kgs is definitely a fitness inspiration for all those who are on a weight loss mission.
Zareen does not believe in shortcuts like weight loss pills. She started off her weight loss journey with pilates and weight training to build stamina.

Later, she started indulging in swimming, jogging and yoga for toned body and stretching muscles.

She used to eat every two hours. Though she was a hardcore non-vegetarian, she had to become a vegetarian. On day-to-day basis, she eats whatever she wants to but in the right quantity and at the right time.

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