5 Simple Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress in your Daily Life

Read on to know the benefits of simple relaxation techniques

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5 Simple Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress in your Daily Life 5 Simple Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress in your Daily Life

Every day, we have to deal with stressful situations, ranging from problems like getting late for office, traffic jams, dealing with a bully boss, bad health, exam pressure, losing job, etc.

No matter how much we try to relax ourselves, the stress does its work and your breathing speeds up, your heart pounds much faster than normal, your muscles feel tense, and there will be hormonal imbalance due to stress and anxiety.

We face so many challenging situations in our day to day life and failing in responding to them positively badly affects our health. So, what could we do to deal with them?

It is not possible to change what is happening on an outer level but we can always change the way we look at things. We can always find ways to take care of ourselves despite all the frustrating situations in our life. There are immense benefits of relaxation exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime. And, there are different types of relaxation techniques to suits everyone’s body and needs. 

  1. Focus on your breathing
    Breathing exercise is the easiest relaxation technique Breathing exercise is the easiest relaxation technique

This is the simplest and the easiest way to relax your mind and body. By focusing on your breathing, you body starts releasing stress. To start with, you can inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

This you can do with closed or open eyes as per your convenience. While inhaling, you can imagine breathing in happiness, peace, joy and when you exhale, you can picture breathing out stress and anxiety from your body.

This way you can feel better within minutes. You can do this exercise in the morning at home, in a metro while on your way to office, in your school bus, in your office. In short, no matter where you are, you can easily do this breathing exercise which is the easiest relaxation technique.  

  1. Use Visualisation to heal physically
    Know the strong connection between the mind and the body Know the strong connection between the mind and the body

After following the above-mentioned breathing technique, now focus your attention on one part of your body or muscles to mentally release any physical tension that you are feeling over there.

Yes, it is possible to release the pain just by imagining and healing that part of your body with the power of your imagination. There is a strong connection between the mind and the body.

Most of our physical pain is caused by our mind. What we think, we become. The stress in mind creates physical discomfort in the body. However, if you were dealing with a serious pain, went through a surgery, this technique may prove less helpful. 

  1. Use imagination for emotional health
    Imagine your dream destination Imagine your dream destination

Now you are completely relaxed. It’s time you imagine yourself in a beautiful garden sitting on a bench and watching the blue sky or whatever brings a smile on your face and calm your mind.

You can even imagine your dream destination where you are spending time with your loved ones. These kinds of thoughts heal your emotionally and remind you that life is beautiful. There is still hope. 

Even if you find it difficult to imagine, just google some beautiful images and look at them repeatedly to calm your anxious mind. It’s another simple relaxation technique to help you deal with stress in your daily life.

  1. Follow simple meditation technique
    Meditation is the best medicine to reduce stress Meditation is the best medicine to reduce stress

People normally call this relaxation technique “meditation” in which you sit in a comfortable position with closed eyes and focus on your breathing. Wearing lose and comfortable clothes also plays an important role in relaxing your mind and body completely.

After that, bring all your attention to the centre of your forehead and don’t give any importance to the thought that keep appearing to distract your mind. Don’t think or analyse any thought or image that comes up.

It’s a very good technique for those who suffer from anxiety disorders or depression. 

  1. Pray, chant, remember God
    Praying regularly inculcates positivity in your mind Praying regularly inculcates positivity in your mind

It proves to be one of the most effective relaxation techniques if you are religious, you believe in God or you consider yourself on a spiritual path.

Chanting a particular mantra silently in your mind or praying to God inculcates positivity in your mind and you can feel your mind becoming calm and peaceful. Praying or chanting also helps in healing you mentally and emotionally, which ultimately benefits you physically as well. 

By practising these relaxation techniques on a regular basis, you can help reduce stress and anxiety levels to a great extent.

There are many other benefits of these relaxation techniques as well like improved digestion, normal blood sugar levels, reduced muscle tension, normal heart and breathing rate, improved sleep quality, and ability to handle problems in your day to day life.

These simple relaxation techniques work wonders for students, office goers and even if you are a householder.  

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