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  • Top natural health care tips that every woman should know
    Top natural health care tips that every woman should know
  • 9 weight loss tips and tricks to help you burn fat
    9 weight loss tips and tricks to help you burn fat
  • 8 home remedies to fight dengue this season
    8 home remedies to fight dengue this season
  • 10 fitness exercises you can do at home without an instructor
    10 fitness exercises you can do at home without an instructor
  • Yoga: Exploring the types and benefits
    Yoga: Exploring the types and benefits

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Manushi Chhillar has worked very hard and here is her diet plan

Eat what Miss World eats in a day and get the perfect body!


Use homemade energy drinks as the artificial ones pose danger to your health

Forget your daily dose of artificial energy drinks! Move on to DIY energy shot!


10 characteristics of the alpha male which sets him apart

An Alpha Male is drool-worthy! Do you agree?

World Diabetes Day 2017: Here is what the Health Ministers had to say

Be a little more aware of your health and take a pledge to change your lifestyle on Diabetes Day 2017!

Female bodybuilders are challenging their country's beauty norms and we are proud of them

Are you a woman and like to sport flexed muscles and perfect abs? Here are some of famous female bodybuilders of India for our inspiration.
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Superfoods like blueberries and ginger can fight arthritis pain

Consume these amazing foods and cure arthritis pain naturally.
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Delhi Air Pollution: Here are some natural remedies for fighting air pollution

Use a good quality pollution mask and these natural remedies to help your lungs breathe smoothly.

Low-calorie Indian snacks for weight loss

For weight loss, the most important point to keep in mind is your calorie-count and portion size.

Malnutrition and anaemia is a gripping problem in India, says Global Nutrition Report 2017

Join hands to tackle the problems of malnutrition, anaemia and obesity in India.

Coffee consumption prolongs the lifespan of kidney disease patients

A cup of coffee a day, helps in adding days to your lifespan.
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Cycling is as good as 5 days of gym workout, says study

Would ride a bike to work? Yes it is a good option to remain fit.

5 ways Mulethi or Licorice Root can benefit your health

Ever tried Mulethi to cure health probems?

Dengue Fever Symptoms, Prevention With Nilavembu Kudineer

This season we bring a remedy called Nilavembu Kudineer to treat dengue fever. Do you know what is it?


Underweight women with low BMI may experience early menopause

Underweight women are at risk of experiencing early menopause. Read further to know about the tips to reduce early signs.

Here are 7 home remedies to treat cold and flu

Cold and Flu is bothering you? We tell you how to cure flu without medicine.

Higher Vitamin D level during infancy can reduce the risk of Type 1 Diabetes

Parents are worried about diabetes in children. Higher levels of Vitamin D during infancy can reduce the risk! Rely on sunlight and food items listed below.

Mushroom-rich breakfast can help in weight management

Consume a mushroom-rich breakfast and follow the weight management tips. Watch a video on scientific weight loss tips.


Calcium intake of Indians is less than 400 mg a day! Here are some tips to prevent Osteoporosis

Calcium intake per day should be optimum. We share some tips on including some food that will help to increase calcium intake.

Happy Birthday Nargis Fakhri! Here's the secret behind her fit body

Happy Birthday Nargis Fakhri! Take a look at her fitness videos and images and be inspired.

Tackle pollution with jaggery or gur this Diwali. Here are some of the health benefits

Indulge in the sweet savoury called jaggery or gur and reap the health benefits!

Magic Mushrooms can reduce symptoms of depression!

Researchers find that Magic Mushrooms  can be used to treat Depression!



Fighting obesity? Here are 6 steps to do it the natural way

Obesity needs urgent attention. We have mentioned some obesity control tips here.

World Mental Health Day 2017 talks about Workplace anxiety, do these yoga asanas to save yourself

Are you stressed out due to work pressure? Try these simple Yoga Asanas to ensure good mental health.

Mental Health conditions openly acknowledged by Bollywood celebs

Mental Health is as important as physical well-being. See how these Bollywood celebrities are coping with stress and depression.

Paleo diet: Let's learn what is paleo diet, what to eat on paleo diet, Pros and Cons of Paleo diet

What a modern person needs to know to decide whether or not to take the paleo diet plunge.


Benefits and side effects of including Spearmint tea in your diet

Drinking spearmint tea offers a number of health benefits and can provide some essential nutrients, but it also carries some possible health risks.


8 healthy drinks which you should consume daily for weight loss

Following a strict diet plan is not enough; what is important is to choose the right drink.


Gym workout Plan for the Beginners: Keep these things in mind before starting weight training

Get up couch potatoes, it's time to hit the gym. Here are things to keep in mind before starting weight training

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