10 Tempting Hair Colour Options to Try on This Summer!

If you're planning to give highlights to your hair or giving it a full swing, go through the colour palette below and check for yourselves.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Jun 20, 2017
10 Tempting Hair Colour Options to Try on This Summer! 10 Tempting Hair Colour Options to Try on This Summer!

Thinking of colouring your hair this summer? But don't want to because of this scorching summer and its heat. Season does matter while choosing hair colours as every season reflects a specific colour - summer reflects Yellow, winter reflects White, autumn reflects Red and spring reflects Pink.

This summer go for bright and bold colours which not only suit your skin tone, but also make a style statement. Summer is a very warm season and you just can't opt for any colour. Colours that compliment you and suits the season should be your choice.

So, if you're planning to give highlights to your hair or giving it a full swing, go through the colour palette below and check for yourselves. Give people a reason to turn around and look back at you:

1.Light highlights

Your natural hair colour is rooted down since you were a baby. So giving them the natural coloured highlights can be the best way. This colour technique stays longer and doesn't even damage your hair. The natural colour highlights are the perfect way to go for this summer!


This is a total different hair colour technique which gives you total different look. Coming out from the base of your hair, it provides you with seven different colours and that too the seven colours which are in a rainbow. Girls love rainbow, and giving them that highlight would be so amazing. The vibrant colours in a rainbow, makes your hair looks glowy.

3.Vivid summer colour

Thinking of summer shades, after yellow comes blue. Blue can also be said as a summer colour. The trend towards the vibrant colours is not going down at all. So, you all should indulge yourself more in the vivid hues like blue or every other colour like a rainbow. Blend in those subtle highlights and lowlights to customise your tastes.

4.Iridescent Unicorn

This new shade has just arrived in India through social media. Hair stylists here are now complimenting this new shade and want people to try. This is a light colour and really suitable for summers. They have a magical and beautiful appeal. It makes you look like that you just stepped out of a fairytale.

5.Mermaid hair

Mermaid hair can be known as a rich dark base with bursts of colour for that beautiful mermaid hair. Long locks are all the rage this season mixed with pastels or shades of hues blended together to make you look beautiful. They may end complimenting you or your skin. Play with rich colours weaved through your long hair and stick to the colour bursts in the end.

6.Blonde with dark roots

This is rarely seen here but is a really nice blend between the blonde shade and dark shades. Usually in this, your roots are coloured dark from the inside out and the blonde shade throughout your hair. This look really rules summer. This is a California chic look with the blonde and dark roots.

7.Face framing colour

You all must think sometimes, how great it would be if we had a frame around our face. Then how perfect our pictures would be, no edits required. But how about giving you that now? Giving a nice colour to your front hair, may provide you with a frame. Beach summer hair colour brings out that bliss for wanderlust. Focus your blondes to front of your face.

8.Coral shade

Love for coral shade never ends. Coral is not red. Coral is not orange. It's just on fire. And this fire shade is very vibrant to wear. You can take this vibrant hair colour to next level by trying different experiments with it! Take a fun hair cut to go with it! Pair it with bold lip shade and sunnies and you're good to go!

9.Pop of colour

This is perfect for all of those, who don't want to get all their hair done. They can just go for light pop ups to be in the trending ones. You can try pop of colour in a few strands and bring on your bold side. You can even opt for a bolder shade.

10.Bold shade

Go for bold and vibrant colours like red to bring out your favourite celebrity look or just a swipe of your favourite red. Bright red colours are no longer a thing to shy away from. Now, girls love bolder and vibrant colours, which even make them look bold too.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and try these amazing vibrant shades and make your summer look bold and beautiful!

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