8 unique wedding hairstyles for brides

Check out these wedding hairstyles that will make you feel like a queen on your big day.

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 05, 2016
8 unique wedding hairstyles for brides 8 unique wedding hairstyles for brides

These wedding hairstyles can make you look like a princess. If any of your friends is engaged or getting married soon, then check out the new bridal hairstyles, here. These gorgeous hair ideas will definitely inspire you. Check out these wedding hairstyles that will make you feel like a queen on your big day.

1. Simple Side Bun

Simple and beautiful.  The simple side bun is a classic hairstyle that is very easy to achieve.

How to do?

  • Apply some smoothening cream to your hair and comb through to ensure that the cream covers the entire hair
  • Blow dry using a flat brush
  • Smoothen and pull hair towards the chosen bun side and secure with a rubber band matching your hair color
  • Wrap the ponytail you just made into a bun shape. Tuck in the ends with bobby pins
  • Add flowers, veil or any other beautiful adornment for your special day around the bun
  • This bridal hairstyle suits any face shape. Always do some trials to make sure your hair is long enough to create this bun

2. Your Highness

A good pouffe adds height which incraeses the elegance of the bridal look. This pouffed ponytail looks fabulous with round, square and heart shaped faces.

How to do?

  • Apply some mousse to hair before blow-drying
  • Blow dry using a medium to small-sized round brush
  • Separate hair into sections depending on what style you are choosing. If you have chosen curls then curl your hairs in sections. Let the hair cool before manipulation
  • To achieve a dramatic height, take two sections of hair from the corners of your eyebrows at the front of your head towards the back top of your head
  • Divide that section vertically and smoothen out the top and botton section
  • Take the bottom section and roll it. Pin it down to your scalp. This will create the base of the pouffe
  • Smoothen the top section over the roll and secure with bobby pins
  • Mist with your favorite hairspray and add any adornment of your choice

3. The New Classic Hairstyle

A feminine fringe swept off to side with soft curls- Wow! This is the latest classic look that goes well with any face shape.

How to do?

  • Apply some gel on your hair before drying. Comb the hair to ensure the product covers every strand
  • Blow dry using a round brush
  • Once hair is completely dry, divide into sections and curl
  • Let the curls cool completely and run your fingers through your hair to separate curls
  • Softly arrange hair swooping back and secure them with bobby pins. Fix bobby pins in 'X' formation to make them more secure

4. Crossed Over

Soft curls criscrossing over the back of the head-- this is a stunning look but it's easy though time consuming. This new bridal hairstyle is simply beautiful and perfect for oval and diamond shaped faces.

How to do?

  • Blow dry hair and curl using a curling iron
  • Make three sections of hair-- one at the nape of neck, another on top to create volume and one in the middle
  • Take the middle section and make a pony tail. Secure it with an elastic band
  • Next, comb the top section into a column and back comb it to bring it to the ponytail. Secure it with bobby pins
  • Arrange the curls using bobby pins and add in the end from the top section
  • Come to the bottom section and divide the hair further in two sections. Cross over the smoothened sections from one side to the other making 'X' patterns. Secure with bobby pins and incorporate the ends into curls
  • Spray your favorite hairspray and add your crown or veil or any other adornment

5. French Twist

Soft, flowing curls and an airy twist-- a perfect look for a flowing bridal gown. This style goes perfect with diamond and heart shaped faces.

How to do?

  • Curl your hair after applying mousse and blow drying
  • Mist with hair spray and cool hair completely
  • Gather hair off to one side at the back. Twist hair softly from one side of your head to the other side, securing the entire length with bobby pins
  • Leave your curl ends loose
  • End the twist on the opposite side of the head and secure the hairs by crossing bobby pins in X pattern
  • Add any adornments to your French Twist that you like.

6. Up in Curls

Up in Curls is always a favorite bridal hairstyle. This look is just fabulous and very easy to achieve. Any face shape can play with this hairdo.

How to do?

  • Curl your hair using a curling iron after blow drying and applying hair gel
  • Let them cool completely and divide your hairs in two sections. The first section will be on the top towards the crown area and second section will be right underneath
  • Put each section into a ponytail and secure with an elastic rubber band. Make sure that both ponytails are very close to each other
  • Begin placing curls and secure them with bobby pins. Hide the bases of ponytails. You can also leave some curls loose
  • Once you are done, add adornments and get ready for the walk

7. Simple and Sweet Bob

This easy hairstyle goes perfect for any bob-wearing bridal. It looks very beautiful and is perfect for round, square and heart shaped faces.

How to do

  • Apply a styling cream to give volume to the crown area. Blow dry using a medium round brush
  • Use flat hot iron if you need extra smooth hair
  • Beginning in the middle, take imperfect sections and pin them back
  • Give a slight twist to your hair sections as you bring them back just before pinning. Secure in an X pattern using bobby pins
  • Continue through the top of head and down the sides. Leave one to two inches of hair out above the ears
  • Mist with your favorite hair spray and add veil

8. Braided Bun

This is a simple and carefree bun that is easy to achieve and looks wow! This is one of the favorite bridal hairstyles among brides-to-be now. Any face shape can try the braided bun.

How to do?

  • On dry hair, apply some texture spray and blow dry
  • Bring hair to your desired side and secure with an elastic rubber band
  • Braid hair in a three-strand braid till the end
  • Holding the ends, gently loosen the braid by pulling out a few strands and spreading them out
  • Wrap braid into a bun shape and tuck in the ends. Secure them with bobby pins
  • You are done for a perfectly imperfect braided bun. Add your favorite crown on other adornments

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