10 trendiest men's hairstyles

Men are experimenting with the trendiest hairstyles more and more each day. Check out this list and create your next makeover plan!

Love Sutra Love Sutra Sep 05, 2016
10 trendiest men's hairstyles 10 trendiest men's hairstyles

Men are stealing the show with the trendiest of hairstyles that can make give even the most fashionable women a run for their money! This year saw crazy men's hairstyles on the ramps and on the streets. Today, a lot of emphasis is given on men's hair styles. Guys could actually be getting more concerned and possessive of their hair than girls! Various tools and techniques are available for men's hair styling and cutting.

One can choose from a vast selection of hairstyles based on their clothing, age, facial structure etc. The shape of the face is the baseline for any hair style. Men can have different face shapes like oval, triangular, oblong, round, square, pear and diamond. Depending on these shapes, one can select the most funky color, trendy style and flattering cut for his hairs.

You can even use some app to upload a picture of yourself and then try different hair styles out to see how you would look like. As you will know about the right look for you ahead of the time, you won't need to worry about having a bad haircut.

Some of the trendiest hair styles for men are described below:

1. Short and Choppy

It's a low maintenance hair style which suits a man who is not keen on any particular style. The top is shorter and there is a soft disconnect between the top and the scissor cuts on sides and back. It's the best choice for men with longer faces, as less height on the head will make the face look better proportioned. The style is also winner for those having slightly thinner hair on the top.

2. Textured Quiff

A quiff is the men's hair mainstay. It keeps the balance and is also easy to maintain. It can suit a number of face shapes but people with long face shape would benefit from a more angled quiff.

3. Buzz Cut

It is the most complicated cut without any doubt. This cut helps in making men's jawline look a lot stronger. It also helps hide unwanted bald spots and  receding hairlines. This style is best suited for those having an oblong or round face.

4. Long and Layered

This hairstyle has a structured appearance with top layered look that makes it an easy maintenance hairstyle. The advantage of this style is that you don't have to put any effort on it. It will be best suited for men having oblong, rectangular or square face shapes.

5. Textured Bed Head

In this style, the back and the sides are shorter, while the left part is longer at the top. It is one of the stylish yet most simple men's hairstyles. All it requires is pomade. This style suits men with square faces.

6. Curls

In earlier times, men who had curls did whatever they could do in order to remove the curls, but now, instead of fighting against their curls, they go along with it. Any type of facial shape can have this hairstyle but take care that the curls should be proportional to your facial features.

7. Top Knot

To get this style, you need to tie the hair from the back. Just brush the hair from the back with the fingers and then tie it into a top knot or a ponytail. This style suits everyone but it looks awesome on a rugged man with a beard.

8. City Slicker

For this hair style, the back and sides of the hair need to be slightly shorter than the front. It requires a good hair cut. After you get teh appropriate cut, you can slick back your hair even with your fingers.

9. Texture

This style gives a completely sophisticated and masculine look. First of all, moisturize and condition the freshly washed hair.  In order to create a texture, hold and control the hair by using a texturing product. Avoid blow drying or brushing the hair since it can create volume in some areas.

10. Shoulder Length

Some men prefer shoulder length hair. Since men usually don't play around with their hair as much as women, they are able to maintain their hairs (whether long or short) for a long time in good condition. A shoulder length hairstyle requires regular visit to the barber for trims.

One should consult a hair stylist to get professional advice on the best hairstyle that would suit him/her. Hair stylists are aware of the trendiest and classic hairstyles and would suggest you the one as per your choice and face shape.

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