No-Shave November: Most admired beard styles of 2018

According to 2010 study, bearded males appear much more intimidating than other men

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No-Shave November: Most admired beard styles of 2018 No-Shave November: Most admired beard styles of 2018

With the rise of No-shave November the trend of beards has also made a huge comeback. As in the last five years, the fashion trend beard has grown. Even scientific studies have shown that some women are more attracted to guys with facial hair!
Previously, beard trend was dying, but with the change in the fashion trend, it looks like now it doesn't look like the beard trend is going to die even after decades.

Some men think that beard make them look cool and intelligent also. Well, they are right... because as per 2010 study, bearded males appear much more intimidating than other men, the beard makes your jawline appear much larger. Also, it protects your face from the harsh environment and helps in keeping the natural moisture intact.

When a guy does not shave, his skin is usually free from blemishes, as most facial spots are triggered by the razor irritating the skin.

With the changing fashion trend, there are so many different beard styles out there, so it's important for you to select the best beard styles which will perfectly match your own personal style and face type. Ask yourself, what would you prefer for yourself...

In case if you are confused about which style to choose. Here is a look at the most admired beard styles of 2018that you can try this 'No shave November':

1. Balbo

Balbo BeardBalbo Beard is amongst the most well-known beard styles for menFor Balbo you are required to grow a full beard first, so you have sufficient hair to shape this beard style. You also need to grow a moustache for this look.
Even the Hollywood superstar Robert Downey, Jr has rocked the Balbo look for many years.

2. Bandholz

Bandholz beardIt requires patience to grow a Bandholz beardEric Bandholz, who is the founder of Beardbrand introduced the Bandholz beard style in the trend.

It requires patience to grow a Bandholz, during the initial four months and will appear quite patchy and unkempt but once it reaches the maximum length then it is one of the coolest full beard styles you can ever have.

3. Full Beard

Full BeardThe full beard is definitely something you should not missA Full beard or well-groomed beard is much more attractive because it actually emphasizes your features much better.
Full beard mostly matches the diamond or triangle shaped faces and is one of the coolest facial hair styles at the moment.

4. Circle Beard

Circle BeardCircle Beard is also referred as the “standard” beardCircle beard is mostly known as "standard" beard, this circle beard style is actually a combo of a moustache and a round goatee beard style.

It is one of the most common short beard styles which appears presentable without getting rid of their beard. Bollywood's megastars Amitabh Bachchan mostly carry this standard look.


Garibaldi BeardGaribaldi Beard is somewhat shorter when compared to the BandholzGaribaldi is shorter if compared with the Bandholz and Balbo. To grow beard you simply stop shaving for several months, at least four months.

Trim the bottom of the beard to give it a round appearance.

6. Imperial

Imperial beardImperial beard is definitely not one of the new beard stylesThe Imperial is a retro look.But it has become famous recently. Imperial or England look beard style has made a comeback. You can include it with your chin beards or sideburns in the Imperial bead. You have to keep your beard simple in order to keep the moustache as the main focus of your face.

7. Van Dyke

Van DykeVan Dyke beard style is actually derived from a well-known Flemish painterThe Van Dyke beard or the V shape beard style was actually derived from a well-known Flemish painter during the seventeenth century named Anthony Van Dyke. Van Dyke beard is a combination of a moustache and a goatee. The shape of the beard on your chin region will form an inverted V shape.

Other than this few more most admired beard styles of 2018 are:

1.Short Stubble

Short stubbleIt is something which you can maintain easily

2. Medium Stubble

Medium stubble Medium stubble will possibly make you appear somewhat scruffy

3.Long Stubble

long stubbleThe long stubble is a bit challenging to maintain

4. Chinstrap Beard

Chinstrap beardThe chin strap beard is a beard with no mustache that circles the chin

5. Goatee

Goatee beardThe goatee is one of the trendiest beard styles in recent times

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