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4 sex tips for maximum pleasure

Ask a guy point-blank what does it for him in bed and he's likely to respond "Uh...everything." So to demystify that answer, we conducted a massive sex poll aimed at teasing out the dirtiest thoughts of thousands of guys. Among the many insights gleaned, a fascinating fact emerged about what men crave: You. On. Top.

"When you take charge, they know you're turned on and into it," says certified sex therapist Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D. "They also get a great view of your breasts and other sexy parts." And-let's be honest-their lazy asses don't have to do as much work when you're riding 'em.

Not that we're complaining. Afterall, it's the most orgasm-inducing position for women. According to certified sex educator Amy Levine, founder of, you can set the pace that'll get you off, and the angle is ideal for stimulating the two biggies: your G-spot and clitoris. We break down the reasons why this mattress move is so freakin' amazing, along with tips for how to bliss it out even more.

You're Running the Show
Being able to make your toes curl in the sack is a point of pride for guys, and they often question if they're doing a good job. Are you having fun? Does it feel good? And most of all, are you going to come? "When you climb on top, he doesn't have to worry about whether you'll have an orgasm, since you're taking control of your own pleasure," Levine points out. He can just cruise along and enjoy himself.

Girl-on-top also shows how much you're craving him, which is an insane turn-on. "Guys are usually the ones in charge during sex, so the change of pace when you take over is incredibly arousing," says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It Feels Good. "It makes him feel like you can't get enough." Play up that you're calling the shots by blindfolding him right before he enters you or pinning his hands above his head as you grind into him.

Make It Sexier For You: Not only will dominating him give you a hot power trip, but you'll also be able to experiment with the tempo and angle that bring you the most satisfaction. Switch up the rhythm from hard and fast to a slow groove, Cadell recommends. You'll stimulate all different areas of your V-zone this way.

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