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How to stimulate your G-spot!

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Well, there is a lot of debate about whether the G-spot exists at all. It is named after Dr Grafenberg who claimed to have found a new erogenous zone inside the vagina in the 1940s. This 'finding' was later disproved, proved again, again disproved, and so on and so forth.

The G-spot believers say that it lies below the anterior wall of the vagina about 2 inches inside the vagina and about a centimetre or so below the wall. When stimulated, it is supposed to create feelings of intense arousal and orgasm in a woman, sometimes also accompanied by an ejaculation of a fluid that is not urine. The disbelievers say that these intense feelings have nothing to do with a fictional G-spot.

how to orgasm through g spot

Maybe some women have it, and others do not. Or maybe it lies deeper in some and so is not as easily found. The controversy has not been settled yet. The believers say that in order to stimulate the spot, you insert a finger deep within the vagina and focus the stimulation on its anterior wall (the wall toward the front of the body), making 'come-hither' movements.

Some women say that this gives them a sudden feeling of wanting to urinate, others say that they dislike the sensations, and yet others say that they feel intense new pleasurable feelings. So again, different women feel different things. It is quite possible that there is a network of nerves that gets stimulated and yields different sensations.

After all, the anterior one third of the vaginal walls has a rich network of nerve endings and is highly sensitive. Many women claim that only stimulating the vagina does not work for them, adding on clitoral stimulation is what does the trick. Play around and see what you find!

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