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6 hot sex tips to prolong pleasure!

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Follow these six tips to prolong your bang-time again and again and again.

1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
There's nothing like a bit of solo sex to get you well prepared for the real thing: "Masturbation was initially regarded as dirty in our society, but today it also spells desperate for most Indian men," says Indore-based sex specialist Dr Mahesh Nawal, MBBS, ACST. "Add to this, the myth that shagging makes you weaker and it's pretty obvious why you can't extend your time in the sack."

The key is to control your orgasm and keep yourself at the point of hardness and excitement for at least 15 minutes. "Concentrating on deep, regular breathing is a good way to help you go that extra mile." It will give you greater control when you go one-on-one.

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2. Set the scene
When was the last time you felt that forbidden thrill of making out in your car or your parents' bedroom? Unless that's what you have to settle for most of the time, you can magic your johnson by changing your environment, according to Emily Dubberley, an online sex broadcaster in the UK. "Men respond primarily to visual stimuli, like a change of location, a porn film, or her outfit," she says.

But she'll need to keep pace-and she's more likely to respond to you stimulating her imagination. We're not saying that you head out for a little public nookie in a shopping mall. Instead, buy a book of erotic literature to read together (something that's a little more substantial than Penthouse Letters) and uncage her inner nympho.

3. Massage your figure
Its seconds out for the second round, but your jab has lost its potency. Get her to give you a rub-down. "Relieving tension in your muscles helps decrease anxiety, a factor in secondary erections," says Dr Nawal. Oils containing sandalwood, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine will boost the aphrodisiac qualities to have her scrabbling up your greasy pole in double-quick time.

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4. Pop up
Before you go dubiously surfing the Net for Viagra, steel yourself with a burst of shellfish. Oysters are rich in zinc, but might not last you all year round. Opt for oyster powder, which is as rich in zinc: The mineral that helps your body produce the hard-on hormone testosterone. If you are not a vegan, head straight to the dairy or the poultry farms. Milk, chicken, yogurt and lamb are all zinc-rich!

5. Get hands on
"Some men find that holding their testicles down helps them last for longer," says Michael Castleman, author of Great Sex: A Man's Guide to the Principles of Total-Body Sex. If you trust your partner, ask her to do it for you. But grab your balls in the wrong context and you'll look like an extra in a 50 Cent video.

6. Get fruity
Reach for the stawberries, peaches and mangoes-they're all rich in boron, "which will help your body turn the calcium in your diet into rampant, Hefner-esque lust", according to Fiona Marshall, author of Natural Aphrodisiacs. Team them with blackberries and pineapple in a fruity cocktail to provide the manganese that will send your sexual function bursting out of your silken boxers.

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