Saturday, October 22, 2016

Love Mantra:Sex Tips

Temperatures are rising, clothes are shrinking-who could blame a girl for getting a little hot and bothered in the summer? This is no time to settle for ordinary sex. Sometimes, it's the little things that will take you to the next level.
Fab late night sex idea
Squeeze your Kegel muscles while you're talking to a lame party guest or standing forever at the bar waiting for a drink. The little jolt of sensation down south will get your body (and your brain) primed for all the fun you'll be having in a few hours.
Important Sex News
Having sex three to five times a week can help prevent erectile dysfunction later on down the line, since regular action works muscles that keep his package in shape. Please take note!
Spice things up by convincing her to watch with you. Here's your action plan.
Whatever you want to try is on the tamer side, a new position that's supposed to knock your sexual socks off, or some dirty talk...Read more.
Faking orgasm works!
A fake orgasm helps you burn more calories than a real one! While the former burns 160 calories per minute, the latter burns only 27! Let the men complain... Faking works for us!
The safest way to masturbate
Wash your hands, file your nails and make sure there is no rough skin around your nails. Use a lubricant to create an enhanced sensation of wetness. It is a good idea to use a condom with fruit/veggie-imagine trying to extricate banana bits in case the banana splits!
Try this variation on how to 69: You and your dude lie on your sides, your face by his pelvis and vice versa, each of you bending one knee so you form a trianglelike frame around your private parts. More inside...
If you're hoping to hear the patter of tiny feet, make some noise in the bedroom. The steamier the sex, the higher your...
Teach her how to orgasm
Her curves aren't everything. Women who value what their bodies may climax more easily. A woman taking pride in her physical capabilities may shift her focus from her appearance to her sensations during sex.
Morning sex can hot things up
Give A.M. sex a try. Since you're just waking up, your mind isn't cluttered so you'll have an easier time focussing on sensations.
Women usually focus on just finishing. That might mean moans or simply a silent thrust. Our volume settings are as different as our sexual preferences.

While most actors in the Hindi film industry maintain at least one light year distance from any place the word 'sex' is even mentioned by chance, Ranveer Singh has gone all candid about his sexual encounters.

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